Friday, March 9, 2012

Tantrums & Tricks

This week wasn't particularly busy, but the boys sure didn't get that memo.  William has been moving at a mile a minute - unless he's watching Dinosaur Train and sweet little Patrick is working on several new 'tricks'.

Monday was Patrick's six month well check.  He did super great - only cried when he realized that Dr Mansfield wasn't mommy and was towering over him.  He weighs in at 17 pounds 10 ounces and 26.5 inches tall.  I have to say, I was a little disappointed that he didn't weigh over 18.  I really wanted him to have doubled his birth weight in six months, but the doc was pleased - so we are pleased.  Win for mommy's boobs!! haha!!  He got two shots and didn't cry at all - turns out singing the Itsy Bitsy Spider really does make every thing ok (I can also get him to settle down and eat by singing that song).  He went back to work with me because I had some issues to nail down and emails to send out.  No one in my office minded.  I handed off the baby and sat at my computer.  He loved it as well - such a flirt.

William can't decide whether he is a morning boy or not.  He wakes up happy, then he throws a fit over having to have his diaper changed and pjs taken off.  He NEVER wants to change out of his pjs.  Then he usually tantrums over what I've picked out for him to wear and refuses to put his socks and shoes on  We always have to wait to do that one.  Sometimes he'll play with his train table but usually he wants to watch Chuggington or Dinosaur Train but he will say one and throw a fit when that's on because he actually wanted the other.  Same goes for Shake Milk versus Juice.  I wish I could just hide in the shower most days.

Usually the car ride is pretty uneventful.  He likes to look for school buses and garbage trucks - which there are plenty of both in the mornings thank goodness.  But as soon as we get out of the car he's upset because he has to leave his juice and every toy but Hilbert.  He wants Daddy to carry him.  He wants to swipe the badge and go beep beep.  He wants a sticker.  He doesn't want anyone to talk to him and shouts NO! when they say hello.  On especially wonderful mornings, he throws himself down on the floor and hollers and cries.  It's awesome.  Our plan of attack on these tantrums has been to ignore and walk away.  This is no longer working.  Sam had to put him in the corner at daycare to get him to pay attention and calm down.  Goodness.

Patrick has been introduced into the tasty world of food this week.  I was planning on doing Baby Led Weaning, but he's not really swallowing anything and it's ending up everywhere, and after trying it for two days - I don't think I'm going to do it hardcore.  Maybe more so on the weekends, but not at dinner.  So far he has had sweet potatoes and apples.  And as far as I can tell, he likes them.  I don't think he's eating them, but the taste of it all makes him happy.  He especially loves the spoon and takes it out of my hands every time.  Which means I end up covered in sweet potato - but oh well.  I have to strip him down in his seat and carry him to the bath every single night.

He loves bath time.  The first night I had to strip him like that, Sam was at the movies with his Dad, so I had to do it by myself.  His bath seat was folded up and in the armoire, so I just ran about 1.5 inches of water and laid him on his back.  He loved it!!  Was splashing his feet and moving his tush to make big splashes - it was so much fun to watch.  And, honestly, it was a lot easier to get him clean!  We might have to make a routine out of it...

Patrick definitely has eczema though poor baby.  And a lot worse than William did.  It's all over his back, elbows, and a little on his front.  The hydrocortisone is helping a good bit but we've only had that for two days I think, so it's not completely cleared up.  He doesn't seem to be bothered by it though - so that's good.

OMG!! How did I forget to mention this?!  So - you know how he's been waking up every hour - every two hours for the past week/week.five?  Yeah - he had an ear infection....  Kid didn't think to tell us about it.  Dr Mansfield found it at his well-check and gave us a prescription for amoxycillin.  (which produces awesome diaper rash...goodness)  He hasn't been fussy or crying or anything though!  Just waking up more often than I would like.  I just figured he was hungry.... haha.  Of course he would get one after we took him to the doctor no less than 5 times because we were sure that his snotty nose/cough was turning into an ear infection.  And wouldn't you know - his snottiness was actually not that bad recently.  Oh well.  Atleast he didn't seem to notice THAT either!!

Patrick has decided to start working on crawling.  He is practicing getting up on his knees and sometimes he even makes it.  So exciting!!  And not really exciting at the same time.... two mobile children - oh my! haha!!  He can propel himself backwards while on his tummy though - that's funny to watch.  I guess his arms are stronger than his legs right now.   He still needs help sitting most of the time, but he's getting better at that as well.  So hard to think that in another 6 months he won't be a baby anymore.  I look at William and can hardly believe that two years ago he was Patrick's size.  Sweet sweet boys.


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