Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A bit of this or that

We learned on Saturday at Callaway that William no longer despises the sand and loves to be in the water.  I forsee many day trips, now that we have a pass - thanks to my always awesome parents, up to swim and play and be lazy by the water.

I think Patrick's way of showing he really wants something is to open his mouth really wide, look intently, and lunge towards something.  He does this with a spoon full of pears, the remote, and my phone.  If I'm really lucky - he will do this towards me.  Usually it's the remote though...  How is it that kids are innately attracted to technology already?!

Three of the four Rumers caught the stomach bug this week.  It started with Sam on Saturday afternoon - carrying over into Sunday.  How he rode a bike feeling the way you feel with a stomach bug is beyond me...  I got it about 2:30am Sunday night - carrying into Monday.  William got it Tuesday morning and was vomitting all day, but seemed better on Wednesday.  We kept him home just in case.  Plus, I think there might be some kind of 24 hour rule, but that might only be for temperatures...  Anyhow.  It was perfectly yucky and we all wanted to crawl in a hole and die.  Knock on wood - it looks like Patrick escaped it.  Thank you immuno-whatevers in breastmilk.  I appreciate you.

Patrick is not a fan of vegetables.  Specifically green ones.  He has given a big two thumbs down to green beans and peas.  He sure does love fruit though.  Smart boy.  I need to go pick up some more produce to make him food.  We grabbed a handful of jarred ones, so we could have the jars... but they are going to be out soon and Sam thinks that he is a little tired of bananas and apples.  Maybe squash would be more to his vegetable liking...?

William is saying Please & Thankyou nearly every time without being prompted and I love it.  So so cute.  "Thank you Mommy"  "Thank you Daddy"  Maybe he will learn manners inbetween all the tantrumming.  haha!!!

We, as a last resort of exasperation, let Patrick cry it out on Tuesday night.  I have been fairly clear that I was not on board with CIO this time... I don't know why - just wasn't on board.  Maybe because he is such a joy during the day, that it seems extra awful to put him through that at night.  Poor William - he had me exasperated as a constant state of mind....  Anyhow.  Sam put him in the crib alone and awake.  He didn't cry immediately.  Whahuh?  Ok....  After about 5 minutes, he started whimpering a little bit, maybe a little light crying but definitely not full out wailing and then shortly thereafter, it just stopped.  Um...?  Not quite what I expected.  Who knows if this means we are off the hook *knock on some real wood* with teaching him to 'self-soothe' but we were certainly surprised.  And a little relieved.  I doubt we will do this as a matter of practice, but if he won't nurse to sleep or go to sleep with a little walking, as per our routine, then hopefully we won't be scarring him by just letting him figure out for himself in the crib.  I know.... I've gone hippie.  Feel free to giggle at me now....  Ok....that's enough ... now your laughing is hurting my feelings.  haha!!!

Did I already mention that Patrick is solidly up on his hands and knees and rocking back and forth trying to crawl?!!  It was crazy.  In a matter of days between him arching to kind of getting up - he was a master of getting up...  I'm not ready for this!! :)  He's so proud of himself though - it's adorable.  And he's starting to get a little frustrated because he wants to move forward much faster than he can by belly sliding.  He kicks up on his feet to get his knees pulled under him - I don't remember William doing it that way at all.  Though, William did the military belly crawl for months before he got up on his knees...  He was fast that way too - crazy!  I just think it's funny that he is trying to crawl but he still falls over while trying to sit by himself after several seconds most times.  Babies are funny.

No teeth yet, which, again, is totally fine with me.  He's starting to get a little hair at the back of his neck and it looks to be red... :)  I can dream!!  Two beautiful red headed boys - oh my!!


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