Friday, March 2, 2012

Patrick by Numbers: 6

A Very Merry Half Birthday to Patrick!!  

*Weighs approximately 18 lbs.  We have a doctor appointment on the 5th and I will update after that.

*Has discovered that he can speak and speak loudly.

*Loves his jumperoo now that his feet touch the ground.  Some days I am fairly certain that he would stay in it all day long without complaint.

*Is becoming a master walker manipulator.  He can direct it where he wants most of the time, which is saying something – because there are always plenty of obstacles in his way.

*Loves bathtime.  Especially when William is joining him.

*Thinks being naked, in general, is the greatest thing ever.  He immediately lights up and starts “bouncing around.”

*Refuses to sleep through the night.  Refuses to sleep  4 hours in a row.  Or really, even three hours in a row.  A treat is a full two hours before I have to feed him again.  And four days this week, he was up every hour.  I am tired.  He is not.

*Very clearly made his teacher, Ms. Tonjia, his Valentine.  He loves her so much.

*Enjoys razzing occasionally, but it’s a lot more focused than William’s razz was.  And he doesn’t do it constantly either.  More of like a passing fancy.  He’s really cute when he does it though because he is so specific.

*He has discovered hair and pulling.  He only likes to do it though if there is tension – grab higher than he does and it’s no longer fun and he will release.  Thank goodness.

*Wakes up incredibly happy in the mornings.  I am starting to look forward to the time from 5:30-6:00am.  

*Goes to bed around 7:30/8:00 pm.  He sleeps best when Daddy does the swaddling.   He starts in the crib and then when he wakes up at 11:30, he comes to bed with me.

*Exclusively breastfed.  

*He now sometimes gets his feelings hurt if you leave the room or don’t pay enough attention to him when he wants it.

*Fascinated by everything William does.  Hopefully William won’t teach him any bad habits.

*In 6-9 month clothes and oh so adorable.

*About to move up to size 3 diapers when we run out of the 2s.  Mostly because a friend of ours got us a crazy good deal on 300+ size threes… I’ll take it.  He is a little chubby though – so it works.

*He finds his feet fascinating and his toes especially tasty.  

*He has no teeth but goes through spurts of serious droolyness and an obsession with teething toys –but he’s not really upset about anything – so who knows if he will ever have teeth.

*Loves to be tickled.  Under his chin always makes him smile and laugh.  I love it.  He also thinks it is funny to be 'munched' on and kissed all over.  I love it.


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