Saturday, April 14, 2012

What a week!!

I had every intention of churning out an Easter holiday post Monday or Tuesday, but we have had a week, and obviously, that didn't happen.  So this might be a little more than you bargained for or less.  I might fall asleep in the middle of typing, who knows....

Last Saturday, we went downtown (Uptown) for an Easter Egg Hunt.  It was nice. Perfect weather, not too crowded, everyone seemed courteous.  We waited by the edge of William's age group for the start horn.  I'm not sure where he learned this but as soon as it sounded he was off.  And that kid has speed and strategy when it comes to egg hunting.  Basically all the eggs were just thrown out in the grass, in the plain view, not really "hunting".  We thought William would jump the edge and grab what he ran into first.  Oh no.  This kid sprinted to the middle of the field, beating all the other kids, and then began scooping up eggs like his life depended on it!  Neither one of us could figured out how he became such a pro - unless it's genetic - I was a pro-egg hunter in my day... haha!!

Patrick and I had a good time on the edge sitting in the grass and picking up the three eggs that I cornered from reach of other toddlers.  We tried to get some family pictures - but they were both way too interested in their eggs - and William isn't a big fan of pictures right now anyhow.  I fed Patrick, hungry boy, and then we walked through the Market looking at all the fun stuff.  William was looking for the chickens like last year - but they were nowhere to be found.  Maybe another time.  We let him run off some energy and then it was home for lunch and naptime.  Easy cheesey.

Sunday was Easter.  Both boys were adorable in their monogrammed outfits - I heart orange gingham - and were incredibly well-behaved in the nursery.  Buddy's sermon was awesome.  It was a very nice service all around.  After church, we stopped by the house to pick up the 17 things we had forgotten to grab and the deviled eggs, and then headed to B&B's.  Easter dinner was small this year, just the immediate family, and it was nice for a change.  Quiet.  Relaxing.  William hunted eggs again, we ate HAM!!, cake, and hung around with the fam.  I think we probably all took a nap when we got home but I don't really remember.... it's been so long.

Then, Monday came along.  I woke up with pink eye.  Again.  (I had it at Christmas time too)  I really don't understand how I am always the one who gets it - not the boys - just me.  Luckily, I had brought my computer home Friday to do some work, so I texted the boss and stayed home.  It worked out because I had to take Patrick to his follow up ear appt at 10:30 anyhow.  And just like I suspected, he still had two infected ears.  Wonderful.  So, the new doctor puts him on suped up antibiotic.  Great - high hopes for this one.  She mentions that it will probably upset his tummy a little bit but will surely clear up his ears.

Um, yeah.  Upset his tummy a little bit?  Try A LOT.  Poor Patrick was throwing up every time we gave him the medicine, and occasionally in between, along with serious diarrhea constantly.  It was pitiful.  We had to give him the medicine with a full stomach - but then all of that would get thrown up.  We were taking in three pairs of emergency clothes every single day between the poopy diapers and the spit up/vomiting.  Kinda ridiculous.

By the time Wednesday afternoon came around, he was just puny.  And by 10:00pm, after throwing up twice, we realized that he also hadn't had a wet diaper since we brought him home.  No good.  I call my sister, the almost doctor, and she confirmed that we should go to the ER.  yay.  So, I put on slightly more appropriate clothing than my pjs (ha) and off we go at 10:30.  I will spare you the timeline - but WE DIDN'T SEE A DOCTOR UNTIL 3:30!!!!!!  He was antsy and exhausted, I was antsy and exhausted.  It was great. The ER doctor then confirmed what I already knew - he was dehydrated (and still at 3:30 hadn't had a wet diaper) - so they finally got a room to give him fluid and antibiotics.  (oh - he was down to only one ear looking bad at this point)

The first ER nurse busted through two IVs.  God help me.  I lost it after they left the room.  Poor Patrick was so unhappy (justifiably) and I just held him close and cried right along with him.  I have never cried when they got shots - I suppose because there was always a purpose behind the sticks - but this time there was no reason.  I felt like I had let him down by not insisting that they bring down a Peds nurse immediately... play "shoulda" all day I guess - but I felt awful for him.  The Peds nurses had a difficult time with it as well - but they got it in - and we got to be left alone for awhile.  I crawled into bed with him while the IV did its magic and we slept until 5:30 (in and out) until the IV was done.

We finally got to leave at 6am.  7.5 hours after walking in the front door.  I don't know why, but I really thought we might get out of there in 4 hours.  Oh well.  I texted my boss that we just left the ER and that I would be staying home with Patrick - sans computer - a legitimate sick day and I'm sure he thinks I'm not working at all this week....  As soon as we get home, William was waking up and Sam was in the shower.  So I got W dressed and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - the only show he cares about now - and P and went to bed.  We didn't get out of bed until 12:45.  It was glorious.  He woke up once to eat that whole time and it barely disrupted sleepy time at all.  Sam came home after lunch to help since I thought I would be a walking zombie, but it wasn't too too bad.

I called his pediatrician to set up a follow-up for Friday and the nurse had the gall to grill me about taking him off the augmentin.  "Who told you to do that?!"  um - no one had to tell me - that medicine landed us in the ER - think about lady?!  Anyhow.  We make it through Thursday.  P and I go to bed.  At about 10:30 - William starts calling for Daddy Daddy.  I call Sam to tell him - because he can't hear anything from the back - and as soon as he gets in the room I start recognizing the conversation.  William has thrown up.  You've got to be kidding me.  Sam cleans up William, I strip the bed, we remake the bed and get William back down.  I can't stay home Friday with him because of an event at work so Sam gets the pleasure this time.  It's a wonder our bosses even believe the words coming out of our mouths at this point.

Friday I take Patrick to the doctor, in the middle of things blowing up at work, but since there's no one else that can be his mom.....  He gets a second dose of Rocephin and, oh - forgot to mention the incredibly painful diaper rash that the antibiotics gave him... - so we got better instructions for how to cure that one.  Basically, I get to make diaper cream out of three ingredients.  But it's gentler on his tush, and at this point, that's all that matters because there is nothing worse than hearing him cry in pain.  I rush back to work, Patrick in tow so I could make it time to judge the chili contest - I know - hard life.  Patrick gets "stolen" and flirts with all my coworkers - we now have a lengthy list of babysitters! ha!!  I send him back to school to snuggle with his teachers, while I go to help and have fun with our division field day/spring fling.  I kinda wanted to keep him with me, but he was going to get so loved on at school so that was a much better decision.  Ms T & Ms Tonja had even called on Thursday to check on him because Sam had told them P wouldn't be there...  So sweet.  I seriously can't believe how lucky we are to have them.

So - that was our week.  I'm kinda surprised that we managed to survive.  Atleast Sam didn't get sick with anything.  Well, except the seasonal allergies which affect him a lot more than me, so he has been living on Claritin...  Anyhow.

I will try and get another post out soon because they are both growing like weeds and doing the funniest things.  Like the "gicky Mouse" obsession.... lord help us



Juli Pittman Skelton said...

Hope they are feeling better soon. They are so cute!

Meghan said...

Thankyou!! We are all on the mend!!


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