Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Patrick by Numbers: 7

I was totally caught off guard by little an turning 7 months old this month - time is certainly flying.

*Weighs approximately 18 lbs - maybe an ounce or two more.

*Had his first ear infection at the beginning of the month, refused to take the medicine - spit most of it out apparently, and wound up with a doozie of a double ear infection.  Never fussed once, got a fever, or acted upset about his ears.  He just started waking up ALL THE TIME at night.  Poor little guy.
Even without an ear infection - I don't think he would sleep through the night.

*Started solid food.  Well, started eating pureed food.  He loves it.  At first he wasn't sure what to do with it, but he picked up on the yumminess  quickly, and now it's nearly his favorite activity.  haha!! He especially loves anything with fruit.  Green veggies - not so much.

*Can do a pretty awesome inch worm crawl and is even starting to try and get up on his feet from his knees.  I'm not ready for my baby to be walking yet - he needs to slow down!!!

*Is fascinated by watching his brother and enjoys watching Chuggington and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with him.

*He can and will play in the pack and play all by himself for a long time.  Like thirty minutes alone sometimes. It's amazing.  William barely made it to five minutes alone at this age.  Bless my sweet darling Patrick.

*Since William is still refusing to call him anything other than "Tatrick", we are ceding the point and are giving him the nickname "Tat".  I think it's adorable.  I know I know... I am morally opposed to nicknames.  A stipulation in naming the boys was that I liked their name without it having to be shortened to something else.  I wanted their name to be what I was going to call them.  Best laid plans.  Sam doesn't like it when I call him Tat Tat though.  He says it's Tat Rumer.  I think he is already planning on sports jerseys...haha!!

*Has gotten very efficient in nursing but he only likes to eat when it is quiet.  He doesn't like me to talk, can't have the tv on, and especially William must be nowhere close or Tat :) will get distracted.  He also fights the nursing cover 90% of the time.  That's fun.  I'm not particularly bothered by it and try to wear appropriate, easy to nurse clothing if I know we will  be out and about.... Sam, however, is mortified.  Oh well.  Not his boobs and it's how Patrick eats.  I make no apologies and Sam has agreed to try not to make a big deal.  I will avoid my soapbox right now - but just so you know - I have one.  Ha!

*He loves to be naked.  He lights up on the changing table.  And then subsequently tries to roll over and propel himself off of it.  Not sure he understand that one fully.  So cute though . Especially when he's munching on his feed naked.  I love it.

*He is very ticklish.  Nearly all over but especially the bottoms of his feet.  He also will laugh so hard if you razz his belly.  Nothing better for your soul than a baby laughing.

*He still has no teeth.  And I am still ok with this.  His open mouth kisses would hurt a little bit more if he had teeth and I love to be kissed by him.

*We briefly though sleep training would be a good idea.  I made it thirty minutes before I decided it wasn't.  I may be breaking every rule Sam ever thought we had and I may be creating a sleeping monster, but I just can't do anything that would make him cry and wail.  I just can't.  Every kid is different.

*I think we are at the beginnings of separation anxiety.  His feelings get hurt when you leave the room or he catches a glimpse of you.  Sam says that he will frantically turn and search for me if I am not in the room.  He does not have these feelings when it comes to being left with his teacher, and for that I am thankful.  Ms Tonja will always be his Valentine as far as I am concerned - they are absolutely wonderful people - we are so lucky.

*He is very quickly moving out of 6-9 month clothes.  Though, he's not quite big enough for everything in the 9-12 month tote.  Hopefully he will slow down soon though, specifically, settling into the overflowing box of 12-18 month clothes.  Though, I'm certainly not hoping that he grows that big any time soon.  I can't believe he is my last baby.

*He is starting to get a tiny bit of hair.  we think it is indeed going to be red.  Atleast in certain lights....

*Tat is a big time flirt.  He'll smile and show off for a pretty girl and then buy his head in my shoulder playing coy.  Then he'll repeat.  Perfectly adorable.  His personality is coming through more and more.

*I think he's learning how to wave.  Sometimes he will start to raise his hand to say Bye - doesn't move his hand or fingers - but I think he's about to understand.

*He doesn't often get a bottle at home, seriously - maybe once in the past month Sam tried to, but apparently now he can hold his bottle.  I had to work this past Sunday for a couple hours while Sam took the boys to B7B's - and Tat didn't really eat but he played with his bottle and held it himself.  Magic!!!  William never did that.  NEVER EVER.

*He sleeps completely unswaddled now.  He also doesn't necessarily nurse to sleep.  We've changed the feeding routine since he eats real food now, and we nurse before he gets solids, so he's usually ready for bed but not at all hungry when it's bedtime.  Sam walks him a little bit (with Sleepy Sheep playing rain noise instead of the heartbeat now) and down he goes.  And Sam is seriously the baby whisperer when it comes to sleep.  I end up calling him in the middle of the night because I can't get him back down at 2am - Sam sweeps in and in a matter of minutes (or maybe it just seems that way because I fall asleep) Patrick is sleeping soundly

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