Saturday, August 11, 2012

Oh Toodles!!!

Now that we are done cramming things into too short of a time period - I suppose I should catch the blog up on the all that happened in the past two weeks!  Let's start with WILLIAM'S THIRD BIRTHDAY PARTY!!

Since he is officially obsessed (albeit off and on) with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, we chose that as the party's theme.  Easy enough - a lot of red and black (duh!) with some yellow thrown in for good measure.  Add a 54" tall Mickey Mouse and hundreds of latex balloons = birthday balloon explosion!  It was so much fun!!  It was a ridiculous amount of work, I seriously underestimated the work that would go in to throwing this party, and could NOT have pulled it off without my parents, Sam, or his family's help.  And I might have said that I would never do it again - but I think I'm retracting that statement already.  It was totally worth it - William and the kids had a great time.

Happy Birthday my darling boy.  You are a ball of energy and imagination.  You are kind, smart, and have a wonderful sense of humor.  You are full of joy and an absolute pleasure to be around.  We are proud and blessed to be your parents.  


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