Monday, September 10, 2012

Patrick's Party

One of the funniest sentences that William uses frequently is "that's not good for me".  Not quite sure where/how he picked it up, but when something other than the show he wants to be watching comes on - like, say a commercial - he pulls that one out.  Occasionally, he will use the sentence appropriately and there really will be something on that we don't want him to see, but usually Caillou has ended and he doesn't want to wait for the DVR to cycle through the next three minutes for another one to come on - so he tries to get us to fast forward through it because it's "not good for him."  Silly boy.

for some reason William refused to wear a swimsuit while swimming in the pool the entire weekend.  fine with us - we forgot to bring the swim diapers that he insists he still has to wear with his shorts.

Patrick has discovered that he can throw a tantrum.  Complete with shaking fists and stomping feet.  Unfortunately for him, it's still quite amusing to watch him to do this.  But when he commits, he commits hard poor baby.  I suppose we should celebrate some kind of developmental milestone that comes with the ability to throw a tantrum, but I just know that it won't be quite so novel in a couple weeks...  yay for being an experienced parent.


Oh!  Patrick's birthday party!!  It was absolutely wonderful.  We made a four day weekend out of it and that was one of our best decisions.  This year I decided that M&G (Mimi & Grandaddy) had done their fair share of traveling and it was time that they get to stay put, so we had the party at their house.  I meant for it to be an easy, laidback kind of party, but of course they wouldn't have any of that and were busy making food and doing yardwork.  Just can't get those two to sit still!!  The weather was beautiful, right up until party time.  Then it kept pouring rain every 45 minutes or so.  Lucky for us, we were all hanging out on the basement patio drinking beer, so the rain didn't matter a bit.  Except that I really wanted to go swimming and that wasn't going to happen in the rain.

It was really a super fun time - lots of family came - and the boys played with their (second?) cousins. I don't know that they stopped playing inside with the trains, foosball, and air hockey table for over an hour.  But then the sun finally came out after most of everyone had left, and Dash & William had the BEST time making HUMONGO splashes and behaving like boys in the blow-up pool.  Patrick nursed through all of it - poor baby was so tired.  I was impressed that he could focus through all the noise!

But yeah - Patrick only slept for 45 minutes all day - so he was basically exhausted for his entire party. He got lots of great snuggles with everyone though, which I know they (and he) enjoyed.  He did NOT smash his cake, which was a huge disappointment to me.  I spent all year making sure he never really had a taste of cake or treats so when he got the cake he would kind of freak out.  Nope.  He was too tired or didn't get it or who knows.  Rumer boys just don't smash cakes.  I give up.  It was a really cute cake though too.  And we barely had enough of the big cake for everyone - literally only 1.5 tiny pieces were left.  Everyone went home on a sugar high I am sure - 3 batches of buttercream on the cake.  Totally worth it.  I loved the cake and really enjoy icing them now.  Not intimidated at all.  Hopefully the boys will appreciate all the work when they grown up... maybe in 20 years.  Probably more like 30 though.  When they are watching their wives frost their children's cakes... oh my.  So not ready for that.  ha!

William stayed with M&G for the week and we went home midday Monday because Sam started his NEW JOB the next day!! (Tuesday)  He's now an Account Manager and so far he loves it!!  We are so proud of him and I'm trying to not be irritated by his blackberry.  He thinks it's the greatest thing since sliced bread - we've even had to buy a fancy new holster for it because apparently it is very inconvenient to try and figure out which phone is ringing when they are both in your pocket.  I'm going to have to take his word on that one.  I'm clearly not that important yet.. haha!!!  One day.  So, yeah.  One week in and I think he's rocking it.  Which of course he would be.  No surprise there.


I swear when I picked William up at Great Grandmother's house in Atlanta he was inches taller, his vocabulary had doubled, and he was just all around a bigger boy.  It had been 5 days.  Five days and I was convinced that he had drastically changed.  I just can't believe how much they change.  I'm in awe of it every time I slow down enough to have it shoved in my face.  I was talking with the "breakfast club" at work this morning, and we all have to remind ourselves that as much as we want to rush and see them grown up, that we also need to slow down and enjoy them as mini people too.  That it is all fleeting and we need to soak it in.  Because one day they will be teenagers who eat all the deli meat and barely talk to us... haha!!

Knock on wood - Patrick has been going down to sleep a little easier the past couple nights.  I was putting him down last night, then had to leave to flip the roasting potatoes which of course made him cry, but by the time I had gotten the whole pan turned, back in the oven, and walked back to the room - he had stopped crying (maybe 60-90 seconds at most).  I tell you - that is total progress.  Even counting the thirty minutes previously invested in getting him to sleep.  We will take it where we can get it.  I really truly don't mind getting up with him to nurse him all night long, but it strains us both when he won't go down easily.  And since I won't let him cry it out (because - really what is so wrong about teaching your child that you will be there to meet his needs) this usually causes the put down process to drag out a little if he's not in a cooperative sleepy kind of mood.

Patrick is definitely growing, we had to buy him bigger shoes yesterday.  Up to size 5.  We had zero size five in our stash - now when he hits 5.5 - he is set.  More than set.  And truthfully, maybe he should have been wearing size 5 this whole time, because they sure are easier to put on then the 4.5 red keds.  Oh well.  Hopefully he won't hold it against us.

I don't know how he is managing to grow though, he won't eat anything besides bread at this point.  He loved garlic bread tonight - smart boy...  He just throws everything else on the floor - hotdog, biscuits (I don't think he realized that biscuits are like bread - just with butter and jam), fruit, chicken, everything.  And we are 0 for 2 on getting him to drink from a sippy cup at school.  Luckily, they will just pour the breast milk into a bottle for him to drink, but the pediatrician wants him off the bottle and we can't find a sippy cup that he will drink from?!  Who knows.  I guess since he still nurses all night long, I should stop being SO concerned about the lack of swallowing table food nutrition wise, but I don't know....  He also doesn't have any teeth still - so maybe he's just waiting for those to pop in.


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