Thursday, September 6, 2012

Patrick by Numbers: 12

I simply cannot believe how fast the past year has gone by.  I can literally remember every minute of of the day a year ago.  How I felt my heart actually enlarge and spill over in joy when he first cried.  It amazes me how much babies change in twelve short months, and as much as I want him to stay little, I also can't wait to see what kind of boy he becomes.

*Weighs 22 lbs 5 oz (just under 50th) - 30.5 in tall (just over 50th)

*Walks like a pro and runs after his brother.  He can play a mean game of chase.

*Loves animals.  Will chase the cats and is not afraid of dogs - atleast the smaller ones he has seen up close and personal.  We still haven't let ours run him over yet, but he is very interested in them.

*Has had a mini-taste or two of real milk and wasn't impressed!  That's my boy!! ha!

*LOVES greek yogurt!! And Italian sausage.  He will gobble gobble and beg for more.

*STILL no teeth.  None.

he didn't want anything to do with the pictures at first and cried so hard
I will do anything for this sweet little boy

*Had roseola, which made us quite uneasy, but it finally disappeared after more than a week.

*His most favorite toys are trucks and he loves to make the engine sound by razzing.

*He believes that he can swim and will try to be sneaky walking around the pool to find an opening to jump in without you - he has NOT been successful so far.  He absolutely hates his floaty seat.

*Prefers to be barefoot and does not mind grass, pinestraw, mud, etc.  This is the exact opposite of his brother, though , I think Patrick is beginning to influence him on this one.

*Begins the night sleeping in his crib, then moves in to the bed with mommy.  I love it, he loves it, I don't see this changing any time soon.

*Is very distractible while nursing, but when he's REALLY hungry he can focus through anything.  Even two rambunctious boys in a small pool making BIG splashes.

*Still nursing all day and all night long.  Goes about 3 hour between during the day if he gets a good meal, but sometimes on the weekends he just snacks all day.  He can go 3 hours at night, but he usually prefers every 2.  He's gotten really efficient though, so we are rarely up more than 10 minutes at the very most, usually it's only 5.

*Loves raspberries on his belly.  His laughter makes the world a better place.

*One of his favorite activities is putting things in things.  We found the car keys in the mop bucket one day (after twenty minutes of searching).  It is helpful when we are picking up toys though - he thinks it's fun and has no idea that it's a chore!  haha!!

he refused to stay still on the floor or on his feet - it's a wonder we got this one at all!!
Watch out world - Patrick is ready and on the move!!

*Is a bit of a cling-on.  But since he loves Mommy best, I'm usually ok with it.  Breaks my heart in the morning at school though.  Sam has to practically drag me out of his room.

*Falls asleep on the highway.  Thank goodness.

*You know he's done with his meal when he starts throwing all of it on the floor.  This is fine when it's just puffs, not so fine with it's pasta covered in sauce.

*Love loves loves bread.  He is his momma's child.

*Took his first trip to the Gulf of Mexico.  He loved the sand and the ocean.  He's going to be a beach bum for sure.

*Lives for bath time.  He also thinks he's big enough to crawl over the edge by himself.  We've got to watch him for sure!

*Definitely a climber.  He can get himself into Sam's lap in the chair all by himself.

*Likes his paci, but can live and sleep without it.  Definitely not an obsession like his brother had.  we lose a lot more of them because of this though - he will toss them out without a though and before you know, we've gone from 10 pacis to frantically searching for 1.

*Has nearly outgrown most of his 12 month clothes.  He is rocking the 18 month clothes and he wears a size 4.5 shoe.  Nothing cuter than him in red Keds.  Can't wait until he's in size 5 for the brand new green ones we got him last fall though.

*Thinks it is funny to clap his hands and like to wave bye to his teachers.

*His fun personality really starts to come out in bursts when his tornado older brother isn't around trying to outshine him.

*Is starting to follow simple directions.  "Go to the room" "Pick up the paci"  "Give Mommy a kiss"  I especially like the last one :)


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