Wednesday, September 26, 2012

This That & Fun

The past two weeks have been full of fun.  Or maybe we were relaxing.  Wait, no, we have two boys, we were most definitely not relaxing.  haha!!  I do know that we were much too busy doing whatever we were doing to take a lot of pictures.  I realized this at some point and tried to remedy the situation, but, let's just say, that what you are about to see is not my finest work.  Or even good work.  But it's our life and the boys are always cute, so take what you can get.  ha!

Patrick is developing the cutest personality.  I think he's finally discovered that he can compete with the bigger tornado, especially if he gets a head start (like getting out of the bath first...)  One of William's favorite games is "scaring mommy" with his dragon towel on his head.  Lo and behold - Patrick has one too - and I suppose after a year of watching William play dragon - he wanted in on the fun.  He toddled around with the hoodie towel on, growling and laughing.  He didn't even mind when the hood would fall over his eyes and he was walking around blind.  And when the towel would fall off - he'd pick it up and throw it on his head over his eyes and keep going.  We had two very silly dragons - so much for calming down after bath.

he decided Daddy should have his cow's milk cup - what a good sharer we have

William is one of the friendliest kids I know.  He will literally talk to anyone!!  He told every one at the donut store that he smashed his finger in the door and that he was going ot get a bandaid at home.  it's so funny to think about how as a parent we might be influencing our kids, etc.  And he definitely gets the outgoing/never stop talking gene honestly.... I think it will serve him well.  With sweet red curly hair and a big smile - no one will be able to tell him no.  haha!!  I just hope that he only gets our good qualities....though he does seem to have a mean stubborn streak.. I'll blame that one on Sam... (my Daddy is laughing at me right now... I know I know)

giving Daddy a kiss... so sweet

Since we are one of the first parents to drop kids off in the morning, we hardly ever get to talk to the other parents.  At pick up, we met the mom of the boy who is apparently Patrick's best friend.  She was telling us that the other day, she brought C* to school and sat him down.  Patrick brought him a car and then went to get himself one and then they drove the cars around together.  She said she couldn't believe that Patrick would give C* a car before getting his own - how sweet it was - that she was nearly in tears just watching it.  Which of course, put me nearly in tears hearing about it.  It's kind of strange & interesting to think that such little kids, babies, could be learning compassion, kindness, etc - but obviously they are capable or much more than we give them credit for.  Simply amazing.  I hope growing up doesn't strip him of his sweet giving spirit.

Patrick is beginning to have spurts of happy independent play time.  He's always been a little bit happier than William was by himself, but he also has a VERY strong attachment to me.  He will cling ot my legs crying while I cook or get ready in the morning, desperate for me to pick him up.  Which is so sweet, but a little frustrating at the same time.  It's a nice relief to see him playing in the room with toys or in the living room with his brother.  He loves going out on the porch, so I've been opening the porch doors and letting him go back and forth.  I'm sure he will only get better at this the bigger he gets and is more able to play with William.  And then maybe separation anxiety will begin to take a back seat...

On Saturday, Sam had a wonderful idea to rent a kids' movie (Alvin & the Chipmunks) and watch on the floor in a pillow fort.  Little did I know that a pillow fort = a pillow pile.  We grabbed literally ever single pillow in the house, including the boppy, and threw them on the floor on top of two quilts.  We bought butter popcorn, Nilla wafers, and Reese's icrecream - because you have to have treats for movie afternoon!!  It was SOO much fun!  And both boys paid attention and laid relatively still watching the movie.  They both apparently love popcorn and Patrick likes to share his food, especially half eaten cookies... It was one of the best afternoons this year and we didn't leave the house.  I love snuggling with the boys.

Patrick stuffing his face with a mini-cupcake

I celebrated my 30th birthday by going to Six Flags with my Daddy.  Seriously - might've been the best idea of all time.  We had an awesome time riding all the roller coasters.  I even got legitimately scared on one of them.  And then immediately wanted to ride it again...haha.  And the best part - while we were looking at the best deal for tickets - turns out that if we got four season passes for 2013 it was basically the same price (with free parking!!) - so we can all go next year too!  With William!!  I am trying to figure out when just him and I can go ride his first roller coaster together.  He went with M&G and loved every minute of it - but they saved the roller coaster for me.  So thoughtful.  Sam has no use for roller coasters, but that has always been something that Daddy and I loved, and I hope to have the same with my boys.  I have a picture of the two of us on my 8th birthday on the Georgia Cyclone.  Of course, that was the first one we went on Sunday, and they no longer take a picture on that coaster.  Talk about disappointed.  I was all pumped to get the picture again, but the memory will have to suffice.  8 hours of fun and lot of time to talk while we waited in line.  A great birthday.  And I even came home with a cheesecake.  Perfection.

William taking the mini-cupcake in one bite

Patrick celebrated my birthday by finally cutting a tooth.  Success in parenting!! ha!  I did not birth the toothless wonder.  We celebrated by sleeping just a little bit better and without him screaming bloody murder every couple hours.  Thank goodness.  That was getting OLD!  Now, of course, we are going to have to figure out how to nurse with a very sharp little tooth that is rubbing mommy the wrong way, but we will work that out.  I'm just glad that he has teeth and I'm sure he is too.... Real food is easier to eat with teeth.  On that note - he has been expanding his tastes in food.  He has now added chicken to the list of things he will eat at home.  And roasted potatoes.  He threw the green beans on the floor though.  Bread is still his number one favorite though - cinnamon raisin bread is the only way we are able to get any peace in the morning getting ready.  (the same as it was two years ago with William)  ha!

William has started adding to his nighttime routine a pleading request to snuggle.  I think it's just to stall actually going to sleep, but it's so hard to say no.  He's so sweet and really - how much longer is he going to request snuggles?!  I'll usually give in a couple times a week.  Last night when I snuggled, he petted my chest saying "I love your baby food".  Sam is worried that he's going to start petting strangers asking about their "baby food".  hahahahaha!!!


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