Monday, October 29, 2012

Fighting independence...

Wow.  Another week flies by.  Though, while it was happening, time was moving like a slug.  Seriously.  I thought Friday would never end.  (oh and the camera didn't get charged until Sunday, so this is all you get, they are cute though in their Halloween costumes.....)

 Patrick was transitioning all week to his new big boy room at school.  And apparently he did not take my advice and melt on the floor in a puddle, so they would call him "sensitive" and never move him from Ms T & Ms Tonja.  Oh no.  He had to do wonderfully.  Threw a fit when he had to come back to the infant room.  I know I know - he has to grow up some day - but why does that day have to be now?  I need him to be little just a little while longer.  It is neat to hear that he loves to pop bubbles with Ms Sabrina and that when asked who wanted more chicken fingers - he said "Me!!".  He's a cool kid who is learning much too much far too fast.  This mama isn't ready.

For the first time EVER, William ran into the morning drop off room and gave Ms Bee a hug.  This is TOTALLY noteworthy, because for the past, well forever, he barely even acknowledges Ms Bee at first and usually growls at her and hides behind my legs.  Not sure what happened there, but there was some bad blood in W's mind.  Maybe it was the Friday donut day high - but I couldn't believe it when Sam told me.

William and Patrick are starting to entertain each other in the car.  Their favorite is holding hands.  I made the mistake of taking a picture the first time - well, not so much a REAL mistake - but now, every time they hold hands William requests me to take a picture.  Just a little difficult while driving on the highway...  Three year olds don't understand that unfortunately.  He also doesn't understand when Patrick is done holding hands... Silly boys.

Patrick really is becoming more and more independent, as much as I try to deny it.  He likes to walk in to school now, and knows how to hold hands - which is good for parking lots - thank goodness!!  There are very few things cuter than watching him run down the hallway chasing William to his room though.  Those little stumpy Rumer legs just going as fast as he can, waddling from side to side, with the biggest smile on his face, mouth wide open.  I die every time.  Such a happy boy.

So, I'm not sure where I stand with sleep training at the moment.  It's really quite awful and I've had a difficult time fully committing because it takes such a toll on an already exhausted mama.  The first three days, I'm not supposed to let him fall asleep at the breast.  Ok, so usually he nurses himself back to sleep in five minutes, there fore I have to stay coherent enough to pull him off in, say, three.  He then cries for hours because he lost those two minutes.  Inconsolable.  The sleep training is making me even more of a zombie.  I don't know what to do.  We haven't even made it to phase two, which is no nursing in the middle of the night at all.  We both know that he will literally be up and screaming all night, and I don't think we would survive.  Atleast survive and be able to function on any kind of level that would allow us to keep our jobs.  haha!!

We went trick or treating at Uptown Columbus tonight.  I had seen on Mommy websites that they were doing a big thing and thought it would be fun.  I've had it on the calendar forever now.  Yeah - it was a big alright.  Holy Moly there were a lot of people.  The trick or treating was more like standing in line and having candy thrown in quickly.  Very little actual interaction, which I think is most of the fun of Halloween, and it was just all in all disappointing.  We did run in to some friends and got to see their adorable kids dressed up - and I might totally have to steal their costume idea next year - too cute! - so that was fun for the five minutes we got to talk. So yeah - it was a bust and we will now have to go out on Halloween just to make sure there are some good trick or treating memories.  I will note though, that William is very focused on treats and knows what the game is about this year.  Lord help us on Wednesday!!

Random things I want to remember:.... Funny William quote of the week...  "Girls don't eat icecream Mommy".  Patrick kind of waddles when he starts running.  He waves bye with fervor, and will go back to say Bye to his valentine Ms Tonja.  Most of Patrick's words begin with D.  William likes to give hugs big enough to knock me down.  Both boys will give kisses when asked, and sometimes when not.  Patrick loves to clap and dance to music just like his brother.  He has no fear of the edge and loves the slide, especially climbing 'up' the slide. He might have learned that trick from his brother.  Both boys understand the importance of holding hands in the parking lot, only the mini-boy fights it occasionally.  Patrick has discovered the game "chase", life now moves in warp speed.  Hopefully they will forgive us for not taking them to the pumpkin patch for the second year in a row.  I know - epic parenting fail.


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