Monday, October 8, 2012

The Pox

Patrick managed to contract the chickenpox inspite of receiving a vaccine for it at the beginning of the month.  Granted, it is a mild case, but still...  Can I get my money back for that one?  We noticed Tuesday two little spots on his belly, but just figured he got a bug bite or something.  Then I get a call Wednesday morning that he has more red dots and I need to come get him.  Between then and getting to the doctor, I had a thought in the way back of my head about the pox, but pushed it away because he got the shot.  In what was literally the quickest appointment of all time, he was diagnosed with chickenpox.  It's a miracle that William didn't catch it from him - guess his vaccine was a little bit stronger... ?  Note to all you Columbus moms - Target does NOT carry calamine lotion.  A mild case is nothing like I remember chickenpox when I got it.  I remember wanting to die and crying because I couldn't wear my favorite smocked top dress because it hurt too bad.  Most of the time with Patrick, I'm not sure he realized he should be upset - unless of course it was 2am... Truth - Patrick and I had a pretty good time being at home for 2.5 days.  He had his super cling-on monster moments, but I got to experience grocery shopping in the middle of the morning with out crowds.  THAT was lovely.  And I made soft pretzels from scratch.  I can't do THAT on a weekend while at work. hahaha!!  He'll be back to school on Monday.  Easy cheesey.

Patrick loves to point.  Sometimes it's to the point to the cabinet with the cheddar rice cakes to say he wants more (so helpful).  Sometimes it's to point at me to tell me stop telling him no (less than helpful).  Either way, it's perfectly adorable and really fun to watch his mind work and his body participate.  He is also enjoying shaking his head no, clapping, and waving bye.  Oh how I wish my family would get excited for me to shake my head no....  Instead it usually results in a tantrum or two... or even three.  haha!

William sang Frere Jacques this morning in the car.  Some how the words melded into "there is a bear..." and something about crawling or growling, I can't remember which right now.  I love to hear him sing.  Just can't beat sweet little boy voices.  I got caught yesterday in the grocery store making up a song with Patrck about needing to get zucchini....  I suppose Sam is rubbing off on me a little bit, he is the King of making up songs.  His are absolute works of art (for about 30 seconds and then it usually gets a little weird) - I usually just repeat the same thing over and over again trying to get the boys to laugh.

We have decided, as a family, that the pillow pile should make a regular appearance.  William loves it.  Patrick loves.  Sam and I love it.  It has been decided.  I have a feeling that our quilts do not appreciate the massive amounts of popcorn and cookie crumbs that get ground in to them.  Though, it is motivating to get them into the washer.  I like our cozy new Friday/weekend/when-we-want-to tradition.  It may not be pizza night, but it is a good time.

I think Patrick might be working on a teeth explosion.  I'm fairly certain that on the brief instances when I can catch a peek inside his mouth I see the outlines of teeth and he's drooling like a monster.  Though, I've said it before, so don't hold your breath.  It sure would be nice to get the teething out of the way, though, I'm not sure what we would blame his fussy moods on then....

------- we interrupt this regularly scheduled program for a week break------------- I can no longer remember what days any of the above happened but it was over a week ago---------------Thank you for your patience and understanding. --------------

Ok.  Let's see.  Ooh!!  Meri came down to see us this past week!!  I had project validation that HAD to be done on Sunday, so our plans to go M&G's for the weekend were foiled.  But since Meredith was in Georgia instead of Ohio, she borrowed K's car and came down.  Yay!!!  Love my sister!!!  William was all kinds of excited to see her and even more excited when he realized that they were playing hooky on Thursday.  Meri took him to Callaway and they played at the Sibley Center, ate lunch, and came home for nap.  Then she took him to the park to play.  (apparently there was a group of mean mommies giving her nasty looks.  not in her head.  some one came over to her and commented - how crazy is that?!)  anyhow.  Then she helped us take the boys to the club to eat with Bill.  Thank goodness.  When those two (Sam & Bill) start talking politics, it's like nothing else exists - especially one rambunctious toddler and one antsy infant.  Lord help us all.  I think that might be the end of dinners at the club.  Bring on ChickFilA...  Very sad - she had to leave the next morning so she could see our other sister in Atlanta that afternoon.  Wish we were altogether more often.  I have the greatest family and by far the best siblings.  Just saying.

Friday I played flag football at work and that was crazy fun.  I was actually voted MVP on my team (yay) - apparently I am a beast of a linebacker... haha!!  But seriously, it was a great time.  And I felt every tackle on Saturday morning.  Ouch!!  So, when we had another pillow pile to watch Stuart Little, I was all for 85 minutes of laying down.  Pillow piles are becoming a bit of a Saturday tradition.  All four of us are big fans.  Obviously.

This week, I'm just gearing down (or up?) to switch jobs.  I am moving to the campus to begin my job as a Project Analyst for Conversions on the International team.  I am way excited and way sad all at the same time.  But it will be good and it's not like I will never be able to talk to my peeps.  I just won't be able to dance at 10:17 in the morning and have them laugh at me. haha!!  Wish me luck!!

We really need to step up our game and take more pictures.  Bad parents....


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