Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mini-people are funny

When William sings the ABCs and gets to L M N O - it sounds like he is saying 'animal'.  And only sometimes does he make it to X Y Z before skipping to 'sing with me'.  He also likes to make up songs like his Daddy.  The last gem was about the things he loves - starting with the most important - "cheese".  Definitely my kid.

 Tonight, while eating an absolutely delicious meal of baked penne (as evidenced by the lack of pasta left on the plates by everyone at the table), William said "Thank you for dinner Mommy".  I don't know where he learned that one, and I don't care.  Sweetest little boy.

Patrick slept through the night Sunday night.  That makes twice now.  It was glorious.  They both also slept until 6:15.  We might need to buy an alarm clock afterall.  I won't hold my breath though.  Or get cash out.

I have discovered that my OB/GYN is not very PRO breastfeeding -- I hesitate to call it 'extended' breastfeeding, but we'll just say breastfeeding past a year.  This is very disheartening because I love her.  But the solution to every 'issue/concern' I brought up at my annual check up was to stop breastfeeding.  Well, quote "I'm not telling you to stop breastfeeding... BUT........... XYZ will go away when......."  Yeah.  So, I know I'm not a doctor, but with a little bit of reading (extensively) online, my 'issues/concerns' could be attributed to something else.  And she didn't give me science, she gave anecdotal evidence.  I'm sad.  I have a whole year to decide if I'm going to switch doctors though I suppose.

 Patrick got his first bite.  Apparently it was over whether a play kitchen door was going to be closed or not.  What silly little disagreements.  Didn't break skin.  I hope we don't have serial biter situation like we did when William was his age.  That wasn't fun at all.  Though, I am a little more relaxed about it now.  Or, since it's just one isolated incident at the moment... We'll see how this pans out I guess.

Patrick has officially become big enough to climb INTO the playground at Chickfila.  Makes me a little nervous but he sure has a great time.  He also enjoys climbing UP the slide.  Goodness.  What a mess.

Patrick has decided he has opinions and he's not afraid to tell you about them.  Specifically when he is displeased.  He has a 'great' scream/cackle when he doesn't like something.

William has been doing a really great job at going potty since we bought the 'special' Mickey underwears.  He's only had two accidents in two weeks.  And tonight, after we'd put him in a diaper for bedtime, he still told us he needed to go to poo-poo and went to the potty.  Lots of high fives in the house!

I've been reading trying to figure out a way to better help William through his tantrumming.  It seems that they have been more frequent and more passionate lately.  I happened upon www.ahaparenting.com.  It's kind of awesome and you should go check it out.  Sam isn't 100% on board yet, but I think the empathetic (and there's more than just that - go read) approach is going to be just what the doctor ordered for William.  It's about validating their feelings but still setting limits....  It's good.  Feeds right in to attachment parenting as well.  And we ALL know how I feel about that! :)


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