Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Santa came early to Cleveland

Wow.  That weekend flew by.  Three days in Cleveland is just not long enough.  Just saying.  We had a great time though and so did the boys.  Gotta love family.  My favorites.

Friday was pretty relaxing I think.  The weather was really nice, so I think we spent a good bit of time outside letting the boys run and ride bikes and do whatever they wanted.  We had to wait for the sun to come up and that frustrated William.  He's not used to CHILLY mornings and he wanted to go outside immediately.  Silly William.  And Uncle Bildy showed up that evening.  But he didn't stay long, which disappointed everyone.  Apparently Duncan Phyfe sofas were calling his name in Alpharetta... Whatever. ha!

Saturday was full of fun.  It was Cookie Party day.  Which really means that we watched Daddy & William have the most fun ever.  Seriously.  William thought that cutting out cookies was the greatest thing that had ever happened to him.  He was so focused!!  Though, Daddy let him have a teeny taste of the sugar cookie dough and then he became obsessed with pulling out the dough from the crevices.... so he could eat it!  Stinker!!  Meri finally made it to Cleveland after a night of Hobbit watching with friends and it was SOOO good to see her!!  She's pretty awesome and super handy to have around when Patrick's exzcema (sp) flares up and looks like it's eating his body...  Just putting that out there.

Pizza night!!!!!  So much more fun than a stuffy traditional Christmas dinner.  I think we should make it a new permanent tradition.  I wish that Kat could've been there.  We probably would've gotten raucous then.  As it was, I went to bed with the babies and I think the whole house nearly followed suit.  We were beat.  The boys had been getting up at 5am and could not be persuaded to go back to sleep or sit quietly in the bed while we slept some more.  So down to the basement we went every morning far too early.  I don't know why we were surprised.

Sunday morning was Christmas!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo!!!  I played Santa with the help of the two cutest 'elves' of all time.  William was really great at helping and Patrick was great at 'redistribution'.  haha!!  They had so much fun though - Christmas could have stopped there.  Absolutely adorable.  What a gift those two are!  It was fun watching how excited William got over his favorite movies and Patrick toodling around amidst all the fun only kinda knowing about the excitement.  They got some great books and Twas the Night Before Christmas read & recorded by Uncle K has already become a favorite.  So neat!!!

Patrick pulled out some vocabulary while we were up there.  He said "Thankyou".  It wasn't super clear or anything but it was obvious enough that Sara and I looked at each other like "DID YOU HEAR THAT TOO?!!".  Funny boy.  He's gotten good at signing 'more', especially now that we are recognizing the signal.. ha!  He used it a lot when I made baked ziti for dinner on Friday.  He is a bottomless pit when it comes to meal.  :)  Ooh - and he's started following directions - he puts his clothes in the hamper every night before bath and every morning after getting dressed.  It's great.  And he's so proud of himself.

I think William is having a hard time being the big brother.  He wants to be picked up and carried a lot and I think it is mostly because Patrick is held a lot of the time.  It's silly, but before I would carry him up the stairs, he'd have to say that it made him feel special...  I'm trying to get him to verbalize his feelings so we can work through the big ones.  I don't know if we're really making any headway... he's  having a really rough time.  I feel bad and it's difficult to figure out how to help him best.  Yay for parenting.

Now, I'm just trying to logically work through the massive to-do list before Christmas.  I didn't think I left too many things until the last minute... but the list says otherwise.  Oh well.  It will all happen... or it won't and it probably won't matter either way.  haha!


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