Monday, December 31, 2012

It was wonderful Christmas

Ok - here goes nothing.  Christmas 2012.

The weekend was a bit of a blur.  I tried to go work out after breakfast, while Sam helped his Dad with yard work before the party that evening, but there was no child care.  Boo.  And I really needed RPM for my sanity that day.  Oh well.  It did provide extra time at home to get through all the other million tasks that needed to be accomplished that day.  Namely - making cookies for the party.  William was a big 'help' and Patrick had a great time wandering in and out of the kitchen.  I was rolling the dough out on their blue table so it would be at a height they could easily reach.  William had fun helping me cut the cookies out, even if he was using the cutters upside down and would move them after half cutting them, etc.  God sure does like to teach me patience....

We decided to go see Santa at Columbus Park Crossing (free!) before we went to the party and William was super psyched!!  We let him go by himself first and he had a lot to say.  He told Santa he wanted cars, planes, and tractors for Christmas and Patrick wanted trains... (noted - stocking shopping later)  Then it was time for Patrick to meet Santa.  He was none too pleased about the ten second experience.  William tried to hold his hand to make him feel better, but it didn't work.  Atleast we got a picture of them with Santa.  Success.  And plenty memorable.

The Christmas Party at B&B's was that night and the boys had a super wonderfully wild time.  William ran around the house like a banshee and Patrick was just a sweet (sleepy) doll baby.  Our friend finally got him to sleep on her shoulder (MIRACLE!!  In the middle of the party no less - I couldn't get him to nurse to sleep in the dark!!!) and Sam took him upstairs.  It was the perfect amount of friends that we actually got to have conversation with people, instead of just flitting around and not really saying more than hello.  I hope William continues to be adorable and charming as he grows up or he is going to have to learn to calm down!!  Seriously, rain circles, dodging people, tables, and other children... Hilarious and kinda feeds my anxiety.  LOL

Sunday we went to church.  I had never heard the new pastor and he's top notch.  I like that he includes an insert in the bulletin to take notes.  My church at home used to do that I think, and I liked it.  William marched right in to Sunday school and Patrick fell asleep in the swing.  Perfection.
After nap time.... I have no idea what we did.  Seriously.  Probably something fun because I was determined to have a fun Christmas.  Or I cleaned the house.  It's a toss up really.

Monday was a good day.  We headed out early to pick up the grocery items we needed so we wouldn't run into the masses.  Got that done, finished stockings, and hunted down the last present we needed for William.  Then we made and painted ornaments for this year's crafty gift (Daddy - I need to mail y'alls...sorry).  William though that was the greatest and Patrick enjoyed painting the table...ha!  He did get a bit of paint on to the ornaments though.... so that's good.  Then we had a pillow pile and played all afternoon until it was time for Christmas Eve service.

That went pretty well.  The boys were relatively well behaved, thanks to some snacks... William of course had to go potty in the middle of the sermon, so I missed all of that because he wouldn't let someone on the end of the pew take him... So I got to squeeze out of the pew and walk in front of the entire church.  yay... (whatever, it took me an hour to pick out something to wear and I'm not so confident what I ended up with was a good choice... oh well... )  Anyhow.  Patrick enjoyed flipping through the hymnals and bible, William wanted to sing hymns with us, and they were sweet.  William even got to hold his own candle during Silent Night at the end, my favorite part, and he was way too cute.  And so proud of himself.

as dictated by William....

Then it was off to B&B's for soup with the family.  We had told William that Silly Willy would meet us there with a special present from Santa - so he took off trying to find him.  He found Silly Willy pretty easily, but then completely missed the presents...ha!  Santa sent the boys new matching 'jamas for Christmas and William found that REALLY exciting!! (Literally - he didn't take them off until maybe 3pm the next day!)  The boys stayed up playing with everyone and then when we got home, we wrote a note to Santa, left out some cookies and off to bed they went.

We were all up at 545 to open presents and William was kinda in a foul mood....until he saw that Santa came.  He, of course, commandeered Patrick's Santa presents immediately, completely ignoring his chair for a couple moments.  Once he saw the 'horse cowboy' gear, he was all ready to go!!!  he galloped around with his horse (who has now been named 'Bullseye' thanks to the hours of Toy Story we have been watching) and his hat on.  He's been killing everything in sight with his shooting gun, even though we tried to limit it to just the 'bad guys'... Best laid plans.  Patrick was pretty quiet about Christmas morning, but he played with his new trains, cars, and firetrucks.  Lots of buzzing around.  :)

Then it was back to B&B's for Christmas there.  I think it was raining, so the boys were stuck inside, much to their chagrin, but I'm sure they found something fun to play with.  William had picked out a nativity set to buy with his own money the day before, so they played with that.... new legoes that Laura & Kurt gave the boys, and a cool little train set that B&B got Patrick that is living at their house.  We put them down for early naps, so they wouldn't miss lunch (not like they ate a lot anyway) and when they got up, most of the family was there.  It was a good laid back day... We watched one of their new movies when we got home, skyped with Mima & Grandaddy, and then went to bed.  Lucky us still had to work in the morning.

We are so blessed with such sweet little boys and wonderful families.  How could we not have a wonderful Christmas!?!


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