Saturday, February 9, 2013

Precious Moments

haha - I totally had a Precious Moments bible when I was little and I LOOOVED it.  Bet it's floating around somewhere in the attic....  But that's not the point at all.  About three weeks ago we had our first professional family photos taken by the super amazing wonderfully talent Kate Whitmore, who I totally want to be friends with.  She's kind of adorable and the best kind of fun.  I wasn't quite sure what would come out of us playing in a deserted lot in Phenix City and I certainly couldn't have predicted that some of the most beautiful moments with our children would be frozen forever as result.  

Everybody yell AHHHHHHHHHH!

Not quite as carefree as his brother

Hilbert & Walter go everywhere with us


Knockdown hug looked like fun...

Those eyes.  That face.  Sweet boy.

 Patrick finally decided to have some fun

Love Walter

I will treasure these forever.  And, much to Sam's chagrin, they will be printed extra large and plastered all over every open space of wall I can find.

Now go to and get your own :)


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