Monday, August 19, 2013

Big Pre-K and Beyond

I can barely even believe it.  Not only is he four now but he is also in PreK.  Y'all - that's like real school.  How did this even happen?!  Ok  yeah - I know - the days turn into weeks into months into years and before you know it, it is August 7, 2013 and the crying baby who I walked around the house non-stop is now a talking non-stop big kid walking into school all by himself with a bookbag on his back.  Blink of an eye.  Crazy.

 Seriously, though.  This kid was WAY excited about starting school and going to his new classroom.  He's been talking about it for weeks, and then the day finally got here?!  Ooh Yeah (as William would say - it's his new favorite phrase)  I made sure to drop him off "late" (instead of at 7:15 as usual) so he could walk in to his real classroom, just like real school.  He was so stinkin excited he didn't even give me a hug or a kiss.  Just dove right in to the new toys and jabbering to his new teachers.  And as much as I would have liked a hug on such a big day - I'm kinda proud that he was so comfortable.

Poor Patrick was also supposed to be moving rooms that day - but he caught a nasty stomach bug (that subsequently hit the other two boys in the house - Girls (me) rule this time around - knock on wood - I didn't get it) - so I stayed home with him and worked from the sofa.  Not complaining - I watched SVU all day while clicking through emails and paused it through calls.  In small doses, working from home isn't half bad. LOL  (This is what Patrick chooses to wear when he doesn't feel good - I just kept telling everyone he was obviously destined to be a weather man LOL and knew something the rest of us didn't.... It DID rain later in the day)

Of course, by the time I picked up William - he couldn't remember a blessed thing that he had done that day.  Silly boy.  I know he had a great time though - and his teachers are so excited that he talks so much and gives so much for them to do the beginning assessments with.  Not entirely sure that they will be thankful for all that 'noise' in a couple weeks - but they think he's adorable and love how curious he is.  He may not have been able to tell me anything he did - but before we could leave he did have to show me nearly every item in the room.  Including magnets and microscopes.  He was all about it.  So cool.

He literally has not looked back.  Threw a bit of fit because he had to go to "before" school care, instead of straight to PreK - but that was only a day and now he's a pro at the whole thing.  Patrick has even semi-adjusted to not getting Ms Arnie or Ms Sonya snuggles.  He's warming up to Ms Katrice (who is his full-time new teacher - so that's good).  He's always playing happily when I pick him up and then comes running saying "my Mommy"... I guess he thinks the other kids will be confused otherwise.  Silly.

I say this every time - but he's talking even more now.  Today he told me "Don't Go My Mommy" - so of course - I picked him up and took him with me to the kitchen....  How could I say no?! :)  "Not Nice" is a favorite when he is displeased - complete with a finger point and a serious look.  He's starting telling me he wants to "nurse" and then to switch "sides".  It's just the neatest thing when he starts saying new words, stringing them together, etc.

Monday night (as well as most nights really) have become jump on Daddy & Mommy in the bed before bathtime nights.  And it's really vigorous horseplay.  I don't know how we haven't broken something yet.  Something being - the boys - or us!!  They jump around and "get us".  It's really cute how IN to it they are and the giggles can't be matched.  But goodness - Patrick's full body weight thrown onto your stomach right after dinner is no cake walk.... And then William does it!  It's a wonder we have survived.  Sometimes I can punk out and just leave Daddy to handle it - but they don't usually let me get away with that too often.  Ouch!

We think William is about to hit a growth spurt.  He's getting a little belly, which only happens when he hasn't "stretched" up yet... and he's actually eating.  And eating well.  That never happens either! ha!  Of course, I JUST bought him some pants for fall, so hopefully he won't grow up TOO much.  teehee

But yeah - otherwise - life is pretty normal.  I'm loving working on sugar cookies, we pillow pile on the weekend, bath in the evenings, in bed by 8pm.  Normal.  Oh!  We did take them to see "Planes" yesterday afternoon.  It was cute.  Not as good as Cars - what could be though?! - but still really cute and they both sat and watched the whole time.  And William ate popcorn off the floor.  Not sure, but I feel like that should be preserved for the future.


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