Sunday, August 18, 2013

William Turns 4

So, obviously William's birthday was the 3rd.....  I'm behind.  Not apologizing for this anymore - I have two mini people (and a full life) - it happens.  ha!

Birthdays are a big deal around our house.  (atleast when a mini person is having one) I started William's birthday fun by taking him to Six Flags on Friday.  We took off school/work, went and bought me some tennis shoes (literally no idea what happened to mine - they have vanished), and off we went to Atlanta.  He watched a movie on the way up, I enjoyed the random conversations.

 We got there shortly after they opened, because I got lost a little (easy to do for me).  We parked at the FAR end of the parking lot, because my parents always parked over there when we came to Six Flags.  You park under the trees and your car doesn't get as hot because it's basically in the shade all day.  It does make for a REALLY long walk to the park  - but it was fun.  I had to explain to him why he had to hold my hand in the park.  I told him that my number one job as his mommy was to keep him safe and there were lots of people, blah blah blah.  The part about keeping him safe has stuck around - and I've used it frequently since.

I made William take a picture as soon as you walk in.  I know, cheesey bad touristy, but absolutely a right of passage if you're going to be there for your birthday.  We walked straight to the kid area to ride his first roller coaster.  He got more than a little distracted by the flying piggies and had to ride that several times before we could get in line for the roller coaster.  OMG - we were in line for what seemed like hours, but was definitely atleast one.  It was painful.  Especially with an antsy 4 year old.  But he did good.

He LOVED the roller coaster.  It was so cute - I could tell that he would get nervous going around curves but he loved the rush down the hills.  I would just hold on to his legs and that reassured him enough to have fun.  He didn't want to get off!!  Wanted to ride again... I told him that there was no way we were getting in that line again, we'd check it in the afternoon to see if it was shorter... (It wasn't)  So, he rode the piggies a couple more times then moved on to the outside rides.

We did the airplanes, the semi-trucks, and the flying boats before going out for lunch.  We took the train out this time - we needed a break from walking.  I made turkey/cheese rollups for him and we sipped on capri suns sitting on the trunk of the car.  Put on more sunscreen and back we went to ride the carousel, drive the old timey cars, ride another boat that spun, and the hot air balloons.  The coolest thing was to watch him on these rides.  He was always staring towards the 'gut's of the ride - wanting to figure out how it worked.  Mind just turning.  I had to explain to him why the hot air balloons had a high side and a low side (circle on an angle) - but he was enthralled by it all.  Engineers are cool people too :)

At some point, I had promised him a milkshake.  I can't remember why now, but oh my, it was not the day for milkshakes.  We literally went to five different fast food places trying to get a milkshake.  All the machines were broken.  We ended up at Zaxby's and got a birthday cake milkshake - which worked out perfectly since it was a birthday trip.  He totally understood that and was all excited :)

Saturday was awesome.  He woke up to his presents laid out like Santa had come in the living room.  Though, we had to explain that it wasn't a birthday fairy, or Santa, but Mommy & Daddy who made all of the fun happen.  haha  He got the Jake and the Neverland Pirates set up - Bucky, Skull Rock, all the figures, a treasure chest full of sword, gold dubloons, etc.  He LOVED it!!!  We went to Chick-Fil-a breakfast as usual, him in his pirate 4 birthday shirt and everyone there loved on him - gave him a special Birthday cow (he has since been named "Moo-ey").

After nap, we had birthday dinner and cake at the pool with B&B.  He had a great big time playing in the baby pool with Patrick and then requested to go swimming in the big pool - so we all tooks turns with him.  He's holding on to someone at all times, but it's an improvement that he WANTS to do it!  And he's really getting better and more comfortable in the pool.

William is really just the coolest kid.  I know he talks a lot, has more energy than most people know what to do with, and is really stretching his independence.... but I just can't get over how neat he is.  He has such a kind soul.  We have to be really careful to be gentle with his emotions because he feels everything SO big.  He's so cute with animals - always asking permission and giving them his hand to smell first.  He randomly says "I love you mommy".  And when he is really into something he will say "I Just Love {it} so much".  The "just" gets me.  He loves to have dance parties in the living room and, this bugs his daddy, but he loves to pretend to be like mommy (painting nails, borrowing my jewelry) - he SO CURIOUS about everything.  And honestly, isn't that one of the better qualities?!  He can be a snot with the best of 'em, he is still four, but I hope his spirit isn't beaten down as he gets older.  He's 'just' so free and wild and it's 'just' awesome.... (ok, maybe I can see why he says JUST now lol)

William Rumer - I love you sweet boy.  Happy Fourth Birthday.  I hope all of your wild dreams come true.


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