Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Really? I should be embarrassed....

Oh my goodness............. I don't even know where to start.

Patrick is talking up a storm!  His favorite phrase at the moment is "big truck" said in the deepest, most certain voice he can conjure up and it's perfectly adorable.  He's also starting to put little sentences together, "I got you" - that kind of stuff.  It's so fun when the word explosion starts happening.  For awhile he would say his name - but it's back to just "me" now.

William thinks he's a teenager and has started the 'sass' in full force.  We were so not prepared for it and am a little on edge about how to tamp it down the right way.  Guess I better start reading my favorite parenting sites :)  Did I mention he pulled a "whatever" on us?! Sam and I could barely hold back the giggles.  And then, a couple days later at school, the early morning teachers asks me what's up with "whatever".  "Why - has he been saying it?!"  "No, he tells me every morning that 'we don't say whatever'"  I'm guessing that he's been scolding the teachers for saying 'whatever' since it's on the no-no list.  Lord.

The boys and I survived Daddy going out of town for 3 days.  Honestly, it went so well, I might have a bit of a confidence boost from it.  Might be the first time Sam has left me with the kids and I didn't have an anxiety driven panic attack.  So, I'll take the success, ha!  Seriously, though - it went really well.  The boys listened, we took baths, they went to bed with very little fussing at all.  I stayed up much too late watching Law & Order SVU every night.  Good times were had by all.  I even got to work on time.  Easy peasy.  Now watch next time Sam goes somewhere be a doozie and I lose my mommy mojo big time.  It's bound to happen.  The universe won't let me stay like this.  hahaha

I'm calling it.  I have no idea what's been happening the past month in detail enough to preserve it here forever.  I've been trying to remember for days.  I give up.  I'm consumed with birthdays....  Four and Thirty-One (and a party for Two in September)  More on that later.

**Based on the pictures - we made lots of cookies and treats, had a play date with a friend at Callaway, snuggled a lot, tried to let the boys have a sleepover at William's request - he wanted to snuggle with Patrick - melt my heart now...



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