Tuesday, December 22, 2009

More Decor

This year, more than years past, I was all about making very little amount of money go very very far. And I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one. Which makes me even more proud of how I wrapped gifts this year. I had every thing for the gifts except tissue paper - so we did spend $2.99 on that - but everything else I already had, boxes, yarn, everything. I started in early November making the yarn poofs - all 100 of them. That was easy cheesey - just took a couple weeks. I already had the boxes - so I knew whatever we got our humongo family for Christmas would need to fit in a 6x6 box. The last part of everyone's gift came in the mail last night - so we assembly lined the boxes and got them put together pretty quickly. Oh, and the yarn was left over from when I made scarves for Christmas gifts - sure am glad I didn't let Sam talk me into getting rid of it! We decided that the boxes were pretty enough by themselves, so no wrapping paper needed, which is awesome, because I would have to buy some, and there's negative money in the gift wrap budget! ;) (houndstooth paper we bought earlier this year to make it easier to distinguish between our gifts and the ones that need to travel)

The yarn poofs make me happy and I think they're super festive.

Apparently kids now get their own tree in their own room. Not sure when this happened - because I sure didn't get my own when I was younger... And as much as I wanted to buy William a pretty little real tree and buy the decorations for it and make it super cute - there just wasn't any money for that. Then it occurred to me that he already has a tree in his room!!!! I think it's adorable and we only had to spend $3 to pick some more green ornaments.

Retraction Notice: we no longer give him rice cereal in every bottle - he liked it at the time but the next day he didn't like trying to get rid of it. Oops - not so hot on the parenting this time I guess. Good news - he decided he likes eating like a big boy with a spoon - so we're doing that instead of putting it the bottle.


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