Thursday, December 3, 2009

Four Months!!

Our sweet little boy is 4 months old and weighs a whopping 14 lbs 14 oz (and the pain in my back will prove it!) In a week and a half we will know how tall he is - I only know the weight because we are all sick and they always weigh him when we go to the doctor.

Notes of possible interest:

He has never had diaper rash. Thank goodness.

He has already has a great scar from surgery to brag about later in life.

He only gets sick when I am sick - not surprising since we spend 24 hours together.

He left colic behind only to chase it with early teething. Yay for us.

He is still not on a schedule - unless you count expected randomness. He doesn't eat as much as he should for his age and doesn't sleep enough during the day - atleast for my tastes... But he's obviously gaining weight and is usually an absolute joy - so we're chalking this one up to good parenting anyway.

He is ahead of his time as far as "What to Expect the First Year" says he should be able to do. Or maybe that's just us being proud parents - but we, of course, prefer to think of him as a genius.

He is quite the show off. He will behave like a perfect cooing angel if he knows someone, besides his parents, is watching.

He is probably one of the most well documented baby ever. We took in excess of 819 pictures of him in November. Granted, a lot of them are 50 pictures of the same "event"....

And to add to the list of pictures - William by numbers:



Ashley said...

Four months have gone by already???!!! Time surely does fly:)

Angie said...

I love what you're doing with the age cards. Wish I had thought of that to do with Ruby...

Remodeling Guy said...

I love the pictures "by the numbers"! Great idea! He looks like a ton of fun! I love babies!

Have a great weekend!


Meghan said...

Thanks! He's a cute kid!

Btw - I loved your post about the daybed - printed it out for my "idea" board! Very cool.



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