Thursday, June 10, 2010

Let me preface by saying...

...I'm an exhausted from pepito's photo shoot with Hadley this morning.  Teething has returned in a BIG way, he refused to take his morning nap, and wouldn't take a bottle - so he was fit to be tied practically the whole time we were there.  Hadley is a saint for putting up with us and continuing to take his picture - because, let's face it - he has not ONCE been in a good mood for picture day.

That being said - he has been an absolute joy for most of the week.  Happy and giggly and terrorizing the house with his fast crawling.  My mother-in-law put it best last weekend when she said "it's a shame that there are things we have to accomplish - he's so amusing to just watch".

Though - my list of things to do got much shorter this week - I AM DONE WITH SCHOOL FOR THE SUMMER!  I took my Anatomy final on Monday and made a 91 on the test and a 90 in the class!!  This is nothing short of a real live miracle - I don't feel like I put enough effort into the class to deserve an A - but I'm not going to argue!  So exciting!  I was a little worried when I was the first one done with the final but I guess I just knew what I was talking about - I only missed 13 out of 150!!!  Go me!!

William and I celebrated by going to the pool on Tuesday with Hadley and Robbie at their apartment.  It was lovely.  Pepito is definitely going to be a water baby - he loved swimming.  Which makes me so happy.  I grew up on the river (in North Georgia where the Chattahoochee is still nice and clean) and we lived in the water growing up.

I've also been getting a lot of sewing done.  It's so nice not to worry/feel guilty about reading/studying for Anatomy and not starting a project right before I have to go to class.  I've been averaging about two sewing projects a day (during naps and after he goes to bed) and it is seriously my happy place where I recharge my sanity.  We are headed up to Cleveland this weekend and I'm a little sad I won't be able to sew for three whole days.

Um- William has lots to say now.  He's constantly jibberjabbering and it's adorable and LOUD!  We went to dinner with B&B last night at the club, and he was making so much noise - I was so glad they put us in a corner away from everyone else.  But then at the end of dinner, Bill let him crawl around so he would HAVE to show him off to some people he knew on the other end, it's a good thing they both (William & Bill) have mad charisma!

I mentioned this earlier but we only got a week break from teething.  This kid's mouth is going to be the end of me.  We finally got two nights of uninterrupted sleep and then teething reappears.  So, William now has a faucet for a nose and is living on IBprofen.  I swear - we're going to have to throw a full on party when all his teeth finally come in!  It's just a good thing he's sweet & cute.

Oh!  The cutest thing ever!  When he hears the storm door open he starts tearing for the front door to greet Daddy every single evening.  It is the most adorable thing ever!  Big smiles and lots of laughter - I know Sam loves being welcomed home this way!!  Who wouldn't?!


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