Friday, June 4, 2010

William By Numbers

June 3.  Seriously - it's already here?  The sixth month of the year?  How in the world did that happen without me noticing?!

William is 10 months old and these are the highlights:

*Has graduated from the military crawl to a real-on-his-knees crawl.  And he is FAST!!  That kid can move fo'sure!
*Being outside is his happy place.  We can be having the worst day ever, full of fussiness and evil, but if we go sit outside and play - all is right in the world.  Now if it would only stop raining so the yard would dry out that would be helpful.
*Spent the long Memorial Day weekend at Grandaddy & Mima's house and kept them up at all hours of the night but had a great time just the same
*I think he's had two ear infections this month - I'm not sure - I'm losing count and my mind
*No longer uses the walker to get around the house.  This was not his decision though, I'm sure he'd rather have it and stay cleaner, oh wait - that's probably me - but we're trying to teach him how to balance better so we got him one of those standing/rolling/walking things
*Still loves PBS and we are excited that they've started playing Bob the Builder & Thomas the Train during the weekdays and not just Saturday.  The same episode of Curious George was getting old.
*HOW COULD I MISS THIS?!!  He has FINALLY cut a tooth!!  You can't really see it yet - but I can certainly feel it - especially since he still insists on gnawing on my chin all day.  Ouch!
*He switched pediatricians, which I already talked about, and so far, we are fairly pleased.  I'm a little irritated the nurses don't believe how BAD it is going to be if we run out of ear drops, but I'll deal with that tomorrow...
*Is constantly filthy.  There is no way I can prevent this.  I could clean until my ears bleed from the toxic chemicals and he would still have dirty scuff marks on the top of his feet.  I've let this go and only give him unscheduled emergency baths before he sees B&B - they like to compare his feet to his Daddy's and it's not nice...funny, but not nice.
*He is fascinated by the bathroom and darts in there every moment we aren't looking.  And he thinks it's fun to stand in the tub.  It's starting to become like the changing table - impossible.
*Had a tiny bout of diaper rash brought on, I hope, by antibiotics. - so yes, two ear infections...
*Loves to ride in the bike trailer behind Daddy or Grandaddy.  He gets in his zone.
*Is an absolute tornado - walking between furniture like it's his job, tearing out toys all over the living room, chasing the cat, eating magazines & Mommy's school notes, and leaving a trail of puffs behind him.   God help us when he can walk.
*Is still pretty much refusing to hold his own bottle, though I did get him to do it the other day but I still had to hold him in my lap - NOT a success.  Oh well.
*Will only drink water out of a sippy cup - the pediatrician is not going to be happy if we can't get that to change.
*LOVES WATERMELON!!  And note to mommies with teethers - cut up watermelon into little sticks and freeze them - William will actually keep the cold melon in his mouth and come back for more.  Success!  He never really grasped the whole cold teething ring so this is great!  I do have a sticky pink mess to clean up in the kitchen though - use with caution.
*Took his first fall off our bed a couple days ago.  He didn't get hurt - just seriously frightened.  Daddy pulled something in his back diving over the bed to try and catch him though - old man... ;)  love ya babe!
*Loves to eat remotes/slash anything else that looks expensive and technology related - ie phones...
*Also loves keys and my leather wallet though - so that works in our favor - except that he discovered the debit/credit cards inside and MUCH prefers those...
*Doesn't have any idea what to do with the chunks of food in the "third foods" - he just spits it out.  Yuck.
*Has been waking up at all hours of the night due to either teething or painful ears or both at the same time.
*Waves Hello & Bye Bye and uses his whole arm to do it
*Has started pointing randomly and usually makes a really cute face to go with it
*We are convinced he has created his own very secret language and is putting sentences together in his head about whatever it is babies think about because the noises coming out of his mouth sound like he thinks he's saying something
*Still razzes like his life depends on it
*Chased Mima's cat up three stairs before he realized what he had done and was none too happy that he couldn't figure out how to get back down
*Basically the same food schedule, though with all the head pain that he's been going through it's been a little interesting.  5-6 oz bottles, baby food and scraps, yum yum.
*Seriously, does not sit still.  Especially when I'm trying to take his picture.


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