Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Father's Day

I know I know - Father's Day was three days ago - so I am way behind in posting an ode to fathers.  Oh well.  My darling sister came in town Sunday afternoon, so I've been busy having fun with her.

Sunday morning William and I got up super early and made blueberry pancakes for Sam.  He got breakfast in bed with a blue hydrangea in a tea cup.  Yum Yum.  He couldn't even finish all the pancakes we made!  And then, since we were already up, we went to early church.  Buddy's sermon was awesome and it was a great start to a great day.  After church, we came home, took some pictures in the yard, changed clothes and headed out to Bill & Becky's for Father's Day lunch with the whole fam.  We were super early, but everyone had fun playing with pepito.  Oh - gifts - I almost forgot!  William got Sam the Sperry's (shoes) that he wanted and a gel case for his Blackberry.  He also painted a picture for him that turned out 'lovely'.  It's hanging in our kitchen next to the Mother's Day picture - such proud parents! ;)

So that's what we did.  I think Sam had a good day, might've even managed to squeeze in a nap somewhere in there and his mom made carrot cake - so he was pretty happy.

Sam - you are an amazing man.  A sweet kind gentle silly father and I know William loves you more than life itself.  I always knew you would be great but could've never expected how I would feel watching you give pepito sweet little kisses.  We are both so lucky.  We love you very much.  Forever.

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