Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Another Long Weekend

This past weekend we headed up to Cleveland.  We had planned this weekend to go to the lake, but there was a death in the family, so we all banded together and made a couple trips to Atlanta to support our people.  And I'm not going to dwell on this - but it was really sad, he was too young, and it just made me really think about sad things all weekend.  Ok - moving on.  Hug your people and tell them you love them.  Now I'm officially moving on.

telling us to eat our own biscuits - these are his!

One of the perks of coming to Cleveland though is staying with my parents and getting an extra 2-4 hands with pepito.  My sister came in late Friday night after she aced her medical boards (Meri - I'm thinking that if I say it it will come true!!!) and then Kalin came over Saturday for pizza night.  We were still missing half the family, but it was really nice to get to laugh and spend time with my brother & sister.  

Two of my four brothers and sisters - LOVE THEM!
and my sweet sister is going to kill me for putting this picture of her up but it was the only one when all four of us were looking in the same place - so just so everyone who doesn't know her knows, she is actually stick thin and absolutely gorgeous - not that she isn't gorgeous here but see her in a swimsuit below - you'll understand - okay, I'm done with the disclaimer...

We managed to squeeze in a lot of swimming too.  We went in the pond behind my parent's house and then in a neighbor's pool and William had a great time.  Though, when he's done, he's done.  And I need to remember how to put on sunscreen better - I got pink.  Boo.

walking to move the horses - that's Daddy's house up on the hill to the right

I really think we would move to Cleveland in heartbeat if there were jobs for us.  We love everything about the mountains.  Plus, Cleveland's WalMart is sixteen times nicer than Columbus'.  Not even joking.  I think I might purposely forget to bring things from home just so I'll have an excuse to go there.  ha!

keeping the remote away from him became a lost cause - 
I think it's hilarious that he gets his feet involved

William can walk, while slowly, just holding one of my hands.  He gets a little frustrated and I'm pretty sure that I'm basically suspending him, but he's doing it.  Maybe walking will come soon - though I'm not sure I want that. He'll be cute to watch though.

he wanted in on Meri's coffee action/he will chew on anything

I hate teething.  And insomnia.  

learning to swim - ha!

So - I've been on WW for a month, and since school is over - I've been running and walking five days a week and ...drumroll... I've lost 10 pounds!!  I'm 1/3 of the way to pre-preggers and feeling good.  I think I remember the weight loss leveling off at some point, but if it keeps up - I'm going to practically be there by our family beach trip!! (last week of July)  So exciting!!  And thank goodness for WW icecream bars - 1 point.  I'm in love!

he loves his Auntie M

Pepito is currently refusing to take naps.  I mean, seriously, he's in his crib right now talking to himself and not sleeping.  I'm not sure if he's trying to transition to one nap a day or if he's just thrown off his napping schedule and failed to send me a memo.  Either way - it's not cool.  But I guess if he's not going to scream then it doesn't really matter.  Yep - that's my new attitude and strategy.  I'll just put him in his crib at normal time and if he goes to sleep - great - and if he doesn't - god hep us but atleast I'll have some quiet time.

razzing with Grandaddy K

Does anyone know - is ten months separation anxiety/hold-me-all-the-time-mommy?  Because - he "made" me hold him all afternoon yesterday.  And he wanted me to stand while holding him.  He would cry and scream and fuss if I tried to sit down.  I think I almost pulled a muscle in my neck from all the holding on my hip - yeah I know that those anatomy parts aren't technically related - but anyone who has held a kid for 2.5 hours knows that they are! ha!  Anyhow - so I was just wondering if that was normal or if it is part of teething or if my kid just "loves" me that much?

too cute in baby izod - we need a Costco in Columbus

But he was adorable all morning - playing and tearing around the house.  So cute.  I love his giggles. He loves to be thrown in the air.  Too cute.  I love my pepito burrito.

eating his first homemade onion ring 


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