Sunday, May 15, 2011

Do you like it random?

I'm going to apologize in advance for this post - it's probably going to be all over the place.  Both my boys are taking naps and I'm thinking I might be able to squeeze some time out - but already I'm feeling random.  So - bear with me...

How can you not fall in love with this little boy every single day?!

Nothing amazingly adorable comes to mind when I think about the past week, but everything William does is so entertaining and cute and I want to smush his cheeks and hold and kiss on him all day.  Of course, this would be much easier to feel constantly if he would stop with the tantrums, but that's fine.  I know I've said this before, and I probably tell Sam atleast once a week, but I don't know how we got so lucky with such a sweet funny little boy.  He is an absolute doll.  And he has such a sweet tender heart.  He reminds me a lot of my brother Kalin.  Sweetest little brother ever, even now that he's all grown up....though - he will always be my little.  Anyhow - I'm already getting tangent-y...sorry.

William has developed a little shy streak.  When approached by other, slightly older, children (especially girls) he will put his chin to his chest and just stand there.  We were running around up at the big shopping area on Saturday, and he wouldn't look up until I told him it was ok and held his arm.  He still wouldn't play with her, but he did blow her a kiss while we walked away.  I really thought we were going to have to have a very serious 'stranger danger' conversation with him because of all his hugging of strange children, but maybe we can shorten that lecture a little bit now.

Waving to Mommy on his way back up the hill - this game is one of the few constants when we go to B&B's

He warms up to adults a little faster though.  We went to B&B's for dinner last night.  One of Becky's cousins is in Atlanta for train conductor training (seriously - how cool is that job?!!) and he came to Columbus to say hi.  Becky's sister Laura and her family (Big Charlie and son Ben) came over too.  William was caught off guard when he first saw Terry in the house, he knew he "didn't belong" so to speak, but after about 15 minutes - he was all giggles and playing with him just fine.  Same with Uncle Charlie.  We don't see them often, but he thought Big Charlie was hilarious.  And they happened to volunteer for free babysitting - so William might soon see more of them.

He was very excited (or outdone) with something about these flowers

We survived the week at school with no biting - big relief.  Wait - did I mention on here that he got bit two days in a row by the same girl while Sam was in Switzerland?  I can't remember.  Anyhow - short story just in case it's a repeat - we are pretty laid back parents in general - but two days in a row.  I had the Infant/Toddler director make an action plan by the following morning.  And I will say, that I know for a fact that there are parents at the school (to children in William's class) that would not have handled the situation the same way I did - Ms Toya and I can still look each other in the eye, be friends, and the situation wasn't a HUMONGOUS deal that needed lots of talking and aggressive conversations.  Just putting that out there for my own version of therapy.  Just saying.

apparently he's feeling a little devious as well...

We received the best compliment from Becky yesterday.  I'm not sure what brought it on, but when Sam and I stopped to think about what she said after dinner, we realized how nice it was for her to say to us out loud.  I don't remember verbatim what she said but basically that we are doing William a great service by the way that we dote on him, and laugh with him, and let him know that he can 100% trust us.  That his happiness and sweetness is a credit to our parenting.  Sam's sister Laura teaches PreK in a less fortunate school system and I guess has passed on entirely too many stories where children are not loved as much as we love William.  Which I just find sad.  When Becky said it to us last night we were on the way to putting on William's pj's, and as we walked up the stairs I told Sam - I didn't realize there was any other way to parent.  Aren't you supposed to love and dote on your children - aren't you supposed to think they hung the moon?  I guess too many parents don't.  I will never understand.

I'm pretty sure he wishes he could survive on spinach/artichoke dip alone.

The new baby I'm growing (haha - funny way to say that...but the whole thing is kinda amazing to me) is making me have terrible awful incredibly vivid dreams that interrupt my sleep.  It's not ok.  I sorta expected it because the same thing happened with William, but it is going to be bad news bears when the heartburn kicks in with it, not looking forward to heartburn again - ick.  I'll never get any sleep.  I was awake at 2:30 Saturday morning.  I did catch up on some awesome DVR and sewing the new baby a blanket (so cute by the way!).  I even made William pancakes for breakfast, which he gobbled up - and he doesn't do a whole lot of gobbling these days - so that was AWESOME!! haha!  Sam flat turned down pancakes in honor of ChickFilA breakfast later, and I'm not going to pretend that my feelings weren't hurt, but...........whatever.............haha!!

dancing with Grandaddy - he's got the spins down - he's good!

I'm starting to feel new baby Rumer a lot more during the day and that is fun but I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that a gbillion times already... sorry.  I did just realize this week that he will be here in 3.5 months.  September seems a long ways away until you say something like "Three and a Half Months" out loud.  Just so you know.  So I'm starting to get in freak out mode a little that the boys' room isn't even close to being done.  Yes, it is blue, and I accidentally ruined that surprise for Sam by forwarding him an email...(ugh, that made me mad) but almost nothing else in the room is done.  Yesterday, we got the twin bed that was Sam's set up (and cross fingers - William is napping peacefully in it right this very second - I hope that it sticks).  I think we might not even paint it.  It is a natural pine right now, which I usually CAN'T STAND, but I think it might look good au natural.  Sam keeps vetoing all of my creative mobile ideas for over the crib - so I don't know what to do about that.... and I can't find a lamp shade I like for the lamp I painted YELLOW.....

But we are going to make a large elephant picture for over the crib.  We definitely agree that we are in LOVE with elephants for the second baby.  I don't know why - but 1. they are cute 2. they make me happy and smile  3.  they are everywhere.  Seriously - I've talked myself out of buying the really cute knit elephant sleepers from Carter's about a dozen times in the past month.  I'm waiting until they are atleast 60% off.  haha.  - hopefully it will happen soon.  And I already bought some elephant ones from Target.  They were much cheaper (and had less available)  Oh - and a clearance Carter's elephant cardigan.  It's like a sickness.  Really.  And quite frankly - just animals in general are adorable.  It's really really good that the baby is a boy, and we already have a ridiculous amount of boy clothes, because otherwise there would not be a single valid reason for me to leave any store without all of the cute clothes.  Though, I have no idea if the cute animal and elephant stuff is even on the girls' side of the stores...oh well.  I'm really starting to believe that boy's clothes are cuter anyway.  Bet you never thought I'd say that!!! :)

Trying to convince him that his new big boy bed is every bit as good as the firetruck - and when I saw this picture - my only response was "WOW - I look pregnant!!"  To which Bill replied "well, yeah, you are!!"  23 weeks 2 days preggers and feeling every week of it - haha!

I'm thinking I've rambled enough for the day without talking a whole lot about little boys - I apologize for that as well.  I know that you don't really care what's going on in my head - you just come here to see the pictures of the cute redheaded boy and hear about all the funny things he says.  Oh, one more thing and on that note,  "All Gone" means what you think it means OR 'all done'.  He uses it interchangeably and usually when there is still food on his plate.  But also when he wants to get out of the swing.  Silly boy.


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