Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Three is most certainly better than Two

Let me preface by saying - I am SOOO glad Sam is home.  Life is much better with my best friend.  And it goes without saying that it is a lot easier to keep up with tiny tornado when he is outnumbered.  Love you babe!

So the second week of Sam being a Swiss-man was a lot better than the first week.  I think William started to get the hang of it a little more and we survived with flying colors.  I'm sure that I still cooked dinner while holding him and that there were plenty of tears - but I remember it being better.  And I am going to stick with that story. It helps that Saturday was super busy with Chick-fil-a breakfast, Attic Sale rummage drop off, and a birthday party at My Gym for his favorite girl at school.  Chase all that with a late nap and you get me waking him up after 2+ hours to go pick up Daddy.  He was none too happy at being woken up from nap - but he got over it when he saw Daddy get out of the car.  There was no slow motion run across the parking lot, he didn't want to be put down, but it was like no one existed in the world besides his Daddy.  And from last post's picture - I'm sure you already knew that.  

The picture taken immediately before the "infamous" Mother's Day picture with Mommy - he wanted to stay with Daddy.....and Hilbert....and his blanket - we've created a Lovey Monster  :)

Sam was a bit in awe of how much he had changed in two weeks.  I didn't notice any of it until he starting pointing out things.  Like how much more he is talking AND is able to be understood.  Granted "omen et" equals "open it" and "dis" equals "Hilbert" (most of the time) but we are getting pretty good at understanding his secret language now.  He also says Dada and Momma with a lot more conviction now - which is perfectly adorable.  There is nothing better than "Hi Momma!!!" in the morning or picking him up from school.  I love it.  And he'll run to Sam when we get home saying Dada Dada Dada and gives him a big hug.  Thank goodness for this blog - so I can hopefully remember all of these priceless tiny moments.

Semi-ok Mother's Day picture - atleast William is sitting still

 Mother's Day was wonderfully lowkey.  William got up early - pre 7 o'clock - so Sam got up with him and I slept until 7:45.  Which is a feat in itself because William was so excited and screaming and laughing all morning. Apparently our walls aren't very thick... or he was doing it right outside our bedroom door.  Either way - I felt good to get to 7:45.  We went to Burger King for breakfast, with the idea of letting him run off some energy in the playground, but it was geared to older bigger kids - so that didn't work - and we ended up at the park to play.  Always fun.  (and we didn't have to run off any thugs, so that was even better)  

By this point, the curls have fallen out of my hair and it was too hot to keep the cardigan on, but I think it's a cute family picture - including the humongo 22.5 week belly... haha!

Then it was home for the boys to bathe and then off to Bill & Becky's house for some running around time and an easy lunch.  I made enough fruit salad to feed a medium sized army and William ran until he could run no more.  He refused to eat basically all day.  Which is neither here nor there - but I remember it - so there is is.  Even at Bill & Becky's he had very little interest in me.  He was still way too excited to have his Daddy home - so there are not any super awesome "I love my mommy" pictures.  Oh well.  I'll survive.   Smiling baby pictures are overrated.... right?! ha... yeah - I don't believe it either.  One day.

William insisted we take a walk up the road and he LOVED blowing the dandelions

I knew I should've made a list of all the wonderfully funny things he does.... OH! Yesterday, we needed to go grocery shopping and being the brilliant parents we are, decided to go at 5:45 to WalMart.  He was obviously hungry and singled in on the lunchable in the cart.  Of course, the only thing he saw was the super mini butterfinger.  We tried to get him to eat the turkey, cheese, and crackers first, but he was not buying it.  Finally, after about 10 minutes of solid tantruming - we give in.  Awesome parenting moment...I know.  So, we unwrap and give him the butterfinger.  He then decides that he must eat every last piece of turkey, while holding the butterfinger in the other hand.  All Sam and I could do was laugh in disbelief.  He was taking a bite into three pieces of turkey at one point - so apparently he did believe that he had to eat the turkey first - he just didn't believe that we would give him the butterfinger in the end.  Such a silly kid.  And - he put no less than 6 packages of freshly baked baguettes in our cart.  Kid is going to make us broke if we left the shopping up to his whim.

I love this little boy.  I'm calling dibs on all kisses!! ha!

And it's finally time for him to get another haircut.  It's been about 3.5-4 months since his last real one - and the curls are precious - but it's getting a little 'fro like on the top - so some of the length needs to go.  Or someone needs to show us how to deal with super curly hair!  We both have perfectly straight, easy to style, straight hair - it's been a learning process.  I am constantly reminding Sam not to touch his hair because the more you touch it, the frizzier it gets!  Anyhow - so that is on the agenda for this weekend.  I have every plan to keep as much of the curls as possible - I'm terrified that he's only going to have them for his wee-man years.  

You too Momma!!

In new baby news - I am good.  I am getting large but I am not yet miserable.  I did make the mistake of deciding to wear heels to work this morning.  I think I might just need to cut my toenails...but my toes were none to happy to be in 4"+ platform heels.  So, at lunch, it was back to basic black flats.  Which I think my back appreciated as well.  I can no longer slump without my back hurting - so atleast my posture is slightly improving.  And the new baby loves it when I eat lunch and dinner.  He goes all crazy flipping and kicking.  Wonderfully amusing.  Absolutely my most favorite part of being pregnant.  And I'm very happy that he is now participating in the daylight hours and not just the hours in the middle of the night.  My friend at work can't wait until the moving isn't so sporatic and is very pronounced - she's a belly toucher.   Apparently - this pregnancy - I am pro-belly touching...  We'll see how that goes... ha!

Driving his favorite blue car in the front yard - he even makes a fun Vroom sound to go with it!

I have the one hour glucose test next Friday - so everyone think good thoughts for me.  I would make a terrible gestational diabetic person.  I had a chocolate bunny for breakfast.  And before you judge - it was from Switzerland and it was the best chocolate bunny I've ever had.  Even better than the Swiss Chocolate Bear I ate for breakfast on Monday.  ha!

(I'm 23 weeks pregnant tomorrow - but this is the last belly shot we took - at this point it's still cute...teehee)


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