Saturday, May 21, 2011

The official opening of summer

William's school has it's very own waterpark.  Which I am pretty sure is reason enough to pay outrageous tuition and to never, ever leave this place.  (the tuition is actually right on par with daycare every where else in Columbus, but gosh, it just feels high)  There are MANY awesome aspects to William's school, but we JUST missed the waterpark when he started school - so this was our first experience - and it far exceeded any expectations I might have had.  And William thought it was the greatest thing ever.  

AAANNNNNDDDD....he's off and running!

My favorite part was that Beach Day started at 3:30 and I could use some "Family/Education Time" to leave work early and go play with my kid.  I dropped off the cantaloupe with Ms Dot and then picked up my sunscreen & hat wearing little red head in his oh-so-cute octopus swim shorts and rash guard and out we went.  Sam couldn't get off as early as me - work is blowing up on him - but he came later.  And good thing - because otherwise we wouldn't have any pictures!!

Lots of water to stomp through!

There was lots of splashing and stomping in the little "stream" and eventually there was some running through the sprinkler spouts.  Of course, he kept grabbing my hand and saying Momma for me to go with him.  He was so funny sloshing his feet in the three inch deep stream and really wanted me to do happy feet with him. Good thing Sam had to run home to grab some shorts - so I had him grab me basically an extra outfit since we were headed to dinner downtown and the outdoor concert right after.  

The bigger the splash - the better it is!!!

He was also completely fascinated by the little "fishing pond" they had set up as an activity.  I think he might've even run off a couple times with a fish or two to let them fill up in the sprinkler spouts.  I would keep leading him to play with the water fun and he would keep leading me back to the fishing pool.  I bet neither one us understood what was so special about the other's activity.  ha!  

Playing in the little "sprinkler" with mommy

And he was loving getting to play on the playground with out a bunch of other kids getting in the way.  He slid down the slide and "drove" the wheel.  He ran and ran.  He was also really good about sharing and putting things back where they belong without being told sternly.  I was so proud when I told him a little girl behind wanted a turn and asked him to share - and he turned around and handed her the fishing pole.  Such a good boy.  I can't believe that he is learning how to share - when did he get so big?!

We LOVE William's giggles!!!

We could have played all afternoon I am sure.  I am actually going to speak to the director about the possibility of opening it on the weekends, either as a fundraiser for the teachers or the PPG, because I would totally pay $5 to come play in a clean, only TSYS children waterpark.  There is a waterpark up on the northside of Columbus, but I'm a little hesitant to try it out because I know it is going to be overrun with all sizes of children.  Most of which probably have not been taught to be gentle and watch out for little kids and will have parents that don't pay attention to them at all (just like at Lakebottom park).  And this new baby I'm growing is taking all the patience for putting up with that kind of shenanigans out of me....  we will see though.  What can it hurt to try it out once.....?  And there is a swimming pool - so at the very least, we can just float and splash in a corner.

Deciding whether to run through the "big sprinkler" or not - he did eventually go for it...

It was a wonderfully fun afternoon - many many thanks to the wonderful teachers and staff at the TLC - we appreciate everything you do for our little crazy button!


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