Tuesday, May 31, 2011

William is a Funnyman

You are going to have to bear with me on this one - I have lots of index cards and notes scribbled on pieces of paper to remind me of the interesting things that have happened.  

The Saturday after the WaterPark Extravaganza (more than a week ago) was also a big day in the Rumer Household.  We sold the Fire Truck toddler bed that William loved with all his heart.  We purposely sent William to play with Bill & Becky because we were afraid that seeing the bed leaving the house would traumatize him and we had been careful to avoid that by taking apart the bed during our lunch break.  Oh - I suppose this would be a good moment to mention that he is sleeping in a twin bed.  Did I mention that before?  I can't even remember.  Well, he is.  And the transition went as easily from toddler bed to twin bed as it did when he moved from crib to toddler bed.  I really think the key is completing the transition early.  That's just our take on the whole thing.  And I'm not afraid to say it out loud that I am incredibly proud of our little boy, who at only 21 months was sleeping all alone in a twin big boy bed.  He's a cool kid.

Armed and Dangerous.... with a bug zapper  :)

The funny part was that we were going to go pick him up as soon as the people picking up the bed had left, but silly boy went and fell asleep at 11:30 in the car with BeBe - and then proceeded to sleep for THREE HOURS. Guess between the Water Park and the outdoor Concert he was really beat.  Sam and I piddled around town for a little while, bought some things for the nursery that the Fire Truck paid for, and then went to B&B's to wait for William to wake up.  Yeah - we were waiting awhile.  

I'm sure there are bugs back there hiding behind all the doors we've taken down...

Saturday night we headed to a friend's house in Harris County for a yummy cookout with a lot of friends (and kids) that we never hang out with.  William had a ball playing outside and watching all the bigger kids goof around.  He was pretty content to play by himself - he wasn't quite big enough to run with the big boys - but they were so busy playing that they didn't notice the snacks on the table....  William didn't miss that one!  He gobbled up all kinds of yumminess.  And we brought 20 pounds of potato salad - and came home with 19.5 pounds.  Hilarious.  Good thing Sam likes squishy salads....

William's consolation prize for losing the fire truck bed (which he didn't even notice was missing) was getting a "birthday gift" early - the classic red Cozy Coupe Cruiser.  If we weren't eating or running errands he was in the car.  He watched cartoons in the car, he drove the car around the house, chilled and drank juice in the car.  And that was how it went for almost four days straight.  He immediately got in the car in the morning and as soon as we got home before we were really in the house - he was already in.  Funniest thing was when he would open the door and prop his feet up on top of the door so he could really lean back and relax.  

Watching Dirt Girl in the Cozy Coupe

We did manage to get him out of the car for a moment and went to the park in the morning.  But instead of swinging or playing on the slides, he chased birds for an hour.  He just ran back and forth across the playground chasing them.  He was absolutely convinced that he was going to be able to catch one.  

Totally chilled out.  He's got Hilbert, juice, and goldfish in there - he's set!

After nap, we went to the club for swimming with B&B.  (Goodness this was a busy weekend)  This year he is big enough to play in the baby pool all by himself....  Well by himself - meaning that we are all sitting on the edge and dive for him every time he loses his balance because he is JUST barely tall enough to breathe when sitting.  But he had a great time splashing and running all around in the water.  Several games involved him throwing toys in and out of the pool and climbing out to retrieve them.   I have no idea.  He did convince Grandaddy R to get in the big pool with him.  BILL. DOES. NOT. GET. IN. THE. WATER.  So that was a big huge deal.  Guess cute grandchildren inspire all kinds of things.  (slash - Bill can't say no to William..teehee)

Alert the Press!!  Judge Rumer is IN the pool!!!

And let me take this opportunity to give a big shout out to my very smart husband who suggested I check out KMart for a cheap swimsuit.  The pool was a bit spur of the moment - and this belly was not going fit into any swimsuit I owned - so I was in a bit of panic.  But I ended up with a really cute (plus size) swimsuit that covers the boobs, belly, and thighs and (I think) looks good doing it for much less than a maternity swimsuit would've cost us anywhere else.  So - Sam is brilliant.  Thankyou honey!!!

Playing Clinging to Momma!!

Back to the regularly scheduled program of cute little boy:  his newest way to entertain himself is to literally run circles around things.  I suppose it gets some of the energy out of him, plus, he probably noticed that we smiled a little bit more and laughed when he does it, so he just kept going.  But it's adorable.  And hilarious.  My kid is a comedian.  Or super hyper.  Who knows....

He "borrowed" the boat - he loved it so much - we bought him some mini boats at Target
He doesn't like them as much....

Well, after this very busy weekend, he asked us to go to bed at 6:40.  We just kind of looked at each other and then hugged & kissed him, and put him in bed with Hilbert.  Such a sweet boy.  A sweet TIRED boy.

In nursery news, we found the perfect stripe fabric for the nursery draperies, and I, being the super sewing rockstar - haha!, got both BLACKOUT lined panels sewn by bedtime on Sunday.  They are adorable.  Green, blue, and yellow stripe - absolutely perfect.  It's starting to feel like there are going to be two little boys in the room now.  (or I'm just really pumped that the room isn't a mismatched disaster...)  Either way - I'm so excited!!  Three more months - we can't wait!

Oh how I love his mess of curly red hair.  I really hate that he NEEDS a haircut.

Next up:  Memorial Day!!


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