Saturday, August 13, 2011

Atleast it isn't boring around here.

Now for all the funny things.  I feel like I'm always catching up on some holiday that I forget to write down the great tiny moments that really make up life.  Unfortunately, I didn't write them down on a post-it - so this is straight from my prego brain memory - god help us all.

My boys are so cool....

After William's birthday party, we were playing outside since it FINALLY stopped raining.  And, really, he was playing, I was sitting, Sam might have been following.  Anyhow.  A butterfly made an appearance in the Mother's Day garden, and clear as day my kid says " BUTTERFLY".  First of all, I didn't know he could -recognize a butterfly, we have certainly not seen one and told him - guess we aren't special enough for them to flit around our lives; and Second - butterfly is a three syllable word and he said it VERY clearly - who took my kid?  I mean, seriously, we were amazed.  I looked at Sam and said - what did he just say?!

playing outside and apparently, very concerned about something...

Then at his well-check on Monday, just as I was about to ask Dr Mansfield if we should be concerned that his language skills aren't "advanaced" or "up to par" or whatever, he pulls out a FIVE WORD SENTENCE.  This may not seem like a big deal - but we are used to three words at most.  He said "I got water in my eye" - oops - that SIX WORDS!!!  Literally, I was about to ask the dr and then he says that ....  guess we are good in the language department afterall.  Pretty sure Dr. Mansfield would've laughed at me if I was concerned after that. haha!  So - for all my "slight concern" over the past six months that my kid doesn't talk - I think we're good.  He still has some 'William Language' he pulls out, and you kinda have to know what he's saying because not all sounds are the correct letter sounds, but since I've known kids who haven't said a distinguishable word until much closer to three, I'm officially putting my worries to bed.  Way to go William - You can talk! :)

"helping" Daddy fly a kite

I think I forgot to mention that he had half an ear infection we discovered the day before his party.  Probably forgot to mention it because after almost a year of bad double ear infections, half an infection in one ear isn't that bad.  We went in because he had a bad cough that refused to go away.  William really needs to remember how to tug on his ears or now that he has WORDS, tell us that his ear hurts.  Anyhow.  He LOOVVEESSS amoxycillin.  I don't know what flavor Target puts in it - but it is his favorite by far.  At first, he didn't want to take it (we think he thought it was a yucky cough medicine) but once we could get the dropper in his mouth he would suck it down.  And then yesterday, I accidentally ALMOST gave him a second dose, didn't realize Sam had already medicined him, and he stood there practically begging for it.  Silly boy.  But atleast if he's going to have to take 20 doses of something, that something tastes good to him.

No Momma!! No No!!

He transitioned this week into the TWOS classroom.  Which is actually called Transition, but I don't know why.  Since the class after is the THREES.  Whatever.  A lot of things at this school don't make wild amounts of sense, but that's for a different time.  His teachers say he's doing great - that he has a great little personality - and that they love that he's so busy and curious and playful.  They've already discovered that when he's playing with something he doesn't want anyone to bother him - I guess they've gotten the NO accompanied with the air smack....  And they've also called him a sweetheart - guess he's still giving hugs - which warms my heart.  I'm dreading the day he decides he's too big for hugs and kisses.

And he might be doing great at school, but at home he has been a terrible twos nightmare.  Not going to lie, every once in awhile I consider boarding school for daycare.  He literally laid face down on the kitchen floor with his car and Hilbert crying off and on for 20 minutes the other night probably because we wouldn't let him watch Choo Choo.  Heaven forbid that we wanted to play in his room instead of watch tv.  The kid is obsessed and it's getting more and more "fun" to tell him no.  And getting him to eat dinner in HIS chair is awful.  Nevermind the fact that he is barely eating at all.  Hysterical crying to get out of the chair or because he wants to sit and eat in Daddy's lap.  We've become okay with that compromise, just because then he is happy and eating and it's better than him wanting to run around on the floor.  Atleast in a restaurant he can sit in our laps... we'll see.

officially hiding from me - I can't remember what I was wanting him to do...  I LOVE the terrible twos...

He has started galloping.  The things he learns at school.  This morning he went and grabbed the broom, got on top of it and started galloping around the house yelling  "I ride - I ride broom".  Hilarious!  This kid is so funny.  Oh - and he can jump with both feet off the ground which was on the development check-sheet I had to do for his well-check.  He's been doing that for awhile though, but I figure while I'm talking about the physically cool things my kid has learned, I could throw it in there.  ha!

Taken last week before William's party.....
I rediscovered my hot rollers....  makes my lack of haircut a little less obvious! haha!

Today we have been going through all the baby boxes and trying to get organized.  I mean - we've only got 25 more days - we better get on it!  It's fun going through all the clothes and figuring out what to consign, what to keep, and how small everything is!!  And, seriously, William must have worn 12-18 months clothes for a REALLY long time, that tote is ridiculously full!!  But there's almost nothing in 9-12 months - so strange.  Maybe there is another lost box in the attic somewhere - but kid has a wardrobe that's for sure!  So yeah - our house is covered in boxes right now.  I love how it always gets worse before it gets better...ick.  And Sam still needs to paint one of the bookcases, so we'll see how organized we are by the end of the weekend.

And I keep forgetting to pack the hospital bag.  So - remind me please.  I've forgotten to do it for 2 weeks now and we will be 3 weeks away from meeting baby Patrick on Wednesday - AHHH!!!

OH!  One more thing we just heard him say this morning - he saw the piggy banks at  Target and starting going OINK OINK with a scrunched up face.  And he woofed at a dog in Petsmart.  It's really funny if you could hear him do it - maybe we'll break out the video camera later today.


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