Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why I will always ask about my BP

So.................I've been on bedrest since Friday at lunch.  Went in for a normal, easy cheesey 37 week appointment and my blood pressure decided that it didn't want to behave.  Twice.  In each arm.  So at 150/85or 90 - the doc sends me home.  Well, first I went to the office and picked up my laptop and then I went and picked up Sam (since we have been carpooling) and THEN I went home.  

It's super awesome that I have a laptop and can log in from home so I don't have to go ahead and start my leave, which would leave me unpaid at some point in late September - talk about no good.  So, Friday afternoon wasn't that bad.  I actually got a lot done in a short amount of time.  Gotta love no interruptions and an absolute lack of background chatter...haha!!  But then came the weekend.  That was a whole different story.

Weekends spent 100% on the sofa are boring.  Super boring.  Oh - I forgot to mention that going on bedrest screwed up the $5 date Sam and I had planned to go see Hangover II Friday night... but I was still allowed to go to my hair appt on Saturday morning - so that was ok.  But then it was back to the sofa.  And copious amounts of not worth watching it TV.  ha!  I eventually got tired of E! and the Kardashians - WHOA!! But seriously, we're talking about 14 hours on the sofa Saturday and Sunday.  It was bad.  And I became a certain little boy's favorite chair for watching Chuggington.  That is also awful.  I'm so tired of choo-choos I can't even explain it.  But I'm sure most of you know how I feel....

I did as I was told and laid down nearly the entire weekend and was super optimistic for Monday's follow up.  Convinced that I would be going back to work, I took a shower and got ready as normal.  Logged in to my email in the morning and then went to the appt at 10:15.  Easy cheesey.  Yeah - the BP was down to 140/78 - so much better!!  AND I still wasn't spilling any protein into my urine - so far so good!  No pre-eclampsia as of yet - which is awesome - because I am REALLY hoping to avoid having to be put on magnesium this time around....just saying.  BEGIN SOAPBOX - there is no known cause for pre-eclampsia and there is no known way to avoid it.  I am not causing the high blood pressure at 37 weeks every time I get pregnant - I am just "lucky" enough to get it.  Oh - and pre-eclampsia is nothing more than a combination of symptoms - google it.  Thank you.  END SOAPBOX.  But, even though the BP was improving, since the bedrest was so successful, she felt better keeping me on it.  Especially since it is possible for me to do my job from home.  So, Sam took me back to my office to pick up more things since I won't be back for many moons, and then back to the sofa I went.

Yep - I chopped my hair off - it was starting to take WAY too long to blow dry and WAY too much effort to make it look good after that.  Downside - I now have the saddest little ponytail but it's worth it.

Well, really I spent the next two and half hours arguing with my wireless internet and the fact that the laptop suddenly refused to acknowledge its existence....but whatevs.  I've determined working from home makes bedrest SOO much more bearable and having Law & Order on in the background is fun.  That's pretty much the excitement thus far.  Dr. Chappelle is very confident that we will make it to the 7th.  OH!  While I was in the waiting room I did notice other prego ladies that had very swollen ankles - I had kinda forgotten what they looked like - I was REALLY suddenly so happy that I, knock on wood, have not been swelling this time around.  It's kinda fun being told I've got a cute round belly and my ankles still look normal.  And the pain that comes along with swelling to gigantor watermelon size is absent as well.  (replaced with other pains...but whatevs...I'll take what I can get!)  Oh - and I had my thryoid doc appt today and my BP was down to 134/72 - so bedrest is precisely what the doctor ordered....wow - she's smart.  :)

Hey!  I'm ready to help!!!

Back to the regularly scheduled program of the cute little boy that lives here.  His vocabulary and language skills are continuing to explode.  It's absolutely fascinating.  And since I talk about this every single time I blog, I won't go into huge detail, but it's so fun.  Practically every day we hear him say something we haven't heard before.

Finally caught his sweet happy face in a picture!!

For about a week now, we have been Mommy and Daddy instead of Mama and Dada, and I have to say that we love it.  At first I thought he was just using it when he was being whiny and crying, but now he is using it all the time.  It's wonderful.  I am such a sucker.  

Going to bed has taken a strange turn, complete with whines of Mommy & Daddy.  He doesn't go down easily anymore.  At first, we would indulge him and sing many songs and get in bed with him and snuggle for over an hour, just to have him still cry when I left.  That went on for the better part of a week and then we realized that no progress was really being made, so it was back to tough love.  Instead of crying forever, he'll now cry when we put him down, we run for the door because otherwise he will try to escape the bed, then he'll cry out two times after we leave and it's over.  I got suckered one night because he said "I want snuggle in bed Mommy" - I mean - how am I supposed to say no to that?!  And Sam got VERY suckered one night because William ended up in our bed for 30 minutes before I made him take him back because I was terrified I was going to smother him...  I miss out super easy bedtime routine but we were mightily spoiled and probably still have it pretty good.  After all, he still goes to bed at 7:00.

He wanted to help Daddy cut the grass.
Please ignore the totally ugly gate, the high grass in the backyard, and our super "awesome" shed - Sam is going to be mighty embarrassed I posted this picture

He is 100% obsessed with hotdogs.  So add that to the short list of what he will eat, but truthfully, as long as he swallowing the food, I almost don't care what it is.  All he would eat tonight was french fries and one green bean.  Atleast the kid loves milk.  And I was craving orange juice, which is apparently a good source of potassium which is good for blood pressure - so my body is smart, but William saw it and he also developed a short-lived addiction to that.  It's all gone now and I think he might be as sad as me.  But we spend too much on milk to also buy $3 off brand juice.  Seriously, Sam just left to buy what I think is atleast the 3rd if not 4th gallon since the 12th.  I do love my cereal though.  Yum.

Hmmm....such a BIG decision....car v lawn mower

I've got to remember to write down the amusing things......  We have really cute video of William being sweet to his "glow baby" and dancing to his jam - but I'm bad about downloading videos... Maybe I'll catch up in my brief moments of being allowed to sit in the chair and play on the computer - but my time is up - Sam is staring me down and I've still got to throw some pictures in here....


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