Thursday, January 5, 2012

Patrick by Numbers : 4

4 months already!  Our little pumpkin is growing and learning just like he should.  Here are the highlights:

*Weighs 15 lbs 10 oz (just over 50th) and is 26 inches (75th) tall.  That is a 3” gain in two short months.  He gained two pounds in one month – way to go me!! (and him for being a good eater!!)

*Is exclusively breastfed still.  And lucky for both of us, my milk supply doesn’t seem to be going anywhere.

*He has halfway laughed.  Really more of a shortlived giggle.  Absolutely adorable and he does it for Daddy more often than for me, and usually when you tickle his neck.

*Loves to have his clothes taken off.

*Is still an absolute snuggle bunny.  He is usually very content to be held and snuggle however and whenever.  

*Totally chill and doesn’t put out a whole lot of demands.  He does have his fussier days, but for the most part, he is totally happy all the time.

*Wakes up two to three times prior to 6am to eat.  We much prefer him to wake up at 3am and 5:45am – but we know that if wakes up first at 11-12pm we are in for a not fun night.

*We upped his bottles to 4.5 ounces (from 4) at daycare.  Ms. Tonja said he was still hungry.  Luckily, that is still well within what I am able to pump daily.

*His favorite thing to do is roll his “r”.  GuRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR…..  He does it constantly.

*Has learned to happily tolerate tummy time for up to 20 minutes sometimes.  He is getting really strong and is close to figuring out how to roll over.  If only he would listen to our advice and tuck his arm…

*He is enthralled by anything William does – he watches him every time W gets close.  They also enjoy watching the same cartoons and movies….though – William does choose those.

*Can hold on and play with toys now.  He enjoys rattles, rings, and ‘open’ balls.  Basically anything his little fingers can grab.

*Teething has officially begun.  Everyone's fingers end up in his mouth and the drool is out of control.  Atleast he's not unhappy about it....and we keep large tubes of aquaphor on hand.

*Has a sensitivity to garlic.  He HATES it when I eat it.  This is unfortunate.  For me.

*Still loves being in the Moby wrap.  He usually falls asleep in it.  

*Will take decent sized naps in his carseat, which I find amazing.

*Continues to spit up every time he eats.  Without fail.  I don’t know why I seriously just don’t sew shirts for me out of burp cloths.  We are single handedly keeping Tide in business at this point.  Our water bill proves that point as well….

*He goes to bed between 7:30-8:00 every night.  William’s bedtime routine has become part of his and he doesn’t expect to eat or go to bed until we’ve put William down.  

*He has the absolute most joyful smile.

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