Friday, January 27, 2012

Sweet boys

 I love moments spent playing with Patrick.  When he looks up at me, grabs my hair and twirls it around - my heart melts.  One of his favorite games, that we play most often in the wee hours of the night, is me holding my hand about 6-8 inches over his head and he giggles as he grabs my fingers with both hands.  Or he watches as I gently move my fingers.  I don’t know what is so fascinating about my hand, but I am absolutely mesmerized watching him.

He is now waking up 4-5 times a night normally.  A treat is when he only gets me up twice to eat.  Those nights are glorious.  I never thought I would be excited about getting 3 hours in a row – but it is absolutely amazing the one night a week he sometimes gifts me.  Haha!  I don’t know if he is just eating because I’m there or if he is hungry, and I’m not sure it matters – because I’m going to feed him regardless.  Surprisingly, I don’t feel too terribly run down with the lack of sleep.  I guess my body has adapted to less.  

William had his first dentist appointment this week and it went fairly well.  It was just a well-check, not a cleaning.  The doctor looked in his mouth (with some gently prying) and he has all but one of his baby teeth.  The last molar is coming in right now.   He was quite the trooper and even found his “treat” that I brought for him and pulled it out in front of the doctor.  Yay… Midget tootsie roll isn’t THAT bad ..right?!    Dr. Lawrence says we’ll have to see how his permanent teeth come in, but usually when baby teeth are crooked-ish, the permanent teeth come in more crooked and that leads to braces early.  Not sure exactly what he means by “early” but that’s fine.  Sam and I both had braces.  No biggie.  We should probably add that to the list of things to save for though, huh… Awesome.

Knock on wood, William has been really excited to go to school this week.  No tears, no tantrums, no clinging.  It’s been awesome.  He literally RUNS to his class and usually gives Ms Phyllis some love.  Apparently, Ms Phyllis has been trying to teach the kids “walking feet” -  William hasn’t caught on yet.  He runs everywhere all the time.  And he seems to fall down a lot, though sometimes it looks like he does it on purpose.  Maybe just to slow down because “I go fast”.  Love that kid.

Not to toot my own horn – but I was this week’s Biggest Loser at work this week!!  I guess exercising, drinking water (nearly) exclusively, and healthy meals are paying off a little bit.  Which totally gives me the motivation to keep going.  It helps that we aren’t eating “diet” food – just meals from scratch and not a lot of processed food really at all.  I’m kinda proud of myself at being able to cook these kind of meals while still working.   I honestly felt a little like super mom yesterday.  Now if I could just keep that feeling going every day!!

I had the wonderful foresight to schedule a date night on this month’s menu – so on Saturday we are going to be enjoying a kidless meal where people will serve us.  I’m really excited about it.  I might even have a glass of wine and get crazy.  But not too crazy, because we’ve got to go pick Patrick back up after we’re done.  William is spending the night with B&B though, so atleast if Patrick goes back to sleep in the morning, we can sleep in a little.  I’m not holding my breath though.   I’m looking forward to getting semi-dressed up (I kinda still hate my post-baby wardrobe…) and going out with my hubs.  He’s the best and it will be fun.  I bet you $10 though that we end up at Barnes & Noble in the kids book section.  Somehow we always go there when we have time alone.  Haha!

William has been practicing his vocabulary.  He literally says almost every thought 17 times in a row practicing the words.  The other day he was practicing “careful” and kept saying that he had to be “careful of the trees” over and over until he could say the word correctly.  It’s kinda cute.  (Also a little annoying, but I’ll focus on the cute)   There has definitely been a word explosion since his birthday.  He has also gotten REALLY bossy.  He wanted to tell me something in the car and when I didn’t stop talking to Sam immediately he said “Mommy stop talking.”  Had to have a serious conversation about that one.  

William has rediscovered Dinosaur Train and that is all he wants to watch now.  Atleast he doesn’t insist that we sit and watch it with him, because there are only 6 episodes downloaded.  I like it because it is a bit educational, even if it is way over his head and he’s just happy because it combines two of his favorite things.   He sits in his mini person chair with his “crackers cheese” and “shake milk” and just relaxes and stares.  I wish we had an awesome house with an awesome yard that we could let him loose in.  One day.  I’m afraid he watches too much tv…

Patrick is STILL refusing to roll over.  I am almost starting to worry.  He’s five months old next week.  He does pretty well during tummy time…. Meaning, it takes awhile before he gets truly pissed about it, but he won’t roll.  He’s strong and can push way up, but he’s just not motivated enough to roll.  Guess that will be the new thing I start googling.  I’m not usually the mom who worries about meeting the milestones… but at this rate….  Anyhow.  Surely he’ll be able to roll by the time he goes to kindergarten! Haha!!



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