Saturday, January 21, 2012

Playing pretend

We have been bad terrible parents this past week.  I don’t think we got out the camera at all.  I finally grabbed it last night when I realized and took a couple snaps of the boys… oops!!  They are way too cute not to document all the time, but William is going through a “no photo” phase and Patrick usually requires two hands.  It was only one week though.  I don’t think that either of them will truly mind in the long run.

Sam and I took off Friday to paint the living room.  We figured it would be easiest to do without the kids there and would take most of the day.  Well – it only took us three hours – which was totally awesome.  If we had known that, we would’ve sent the boys to B&B’s one afternoon on a weekend… best laid plans.  It is now a wonderfully light light beige instead of green.  I liked the green, but after staring at it for two years, I was ready for something else.  And we almost never go truly neutral – so this is a fresh change.  We are loving it.

William is working hard at developing his imagination.  We played for twenty minutes one night that a dinosaur was behind mommy & daddy’s bed and that Swiper the fox was behind his door.  “Fwiper no fwiping!!”  Not a typo – he’s still working on his “s” Adorable!!  We roared at the dinosaur too.  He is so much fun.  And then at the park – him and Sam pretended that there was a door between the bushes that he needed a key to open – so Sam would “hand” him a key and William would “open” the door.  They played that game all afternoon!  I am in absolute awe of what a little man he is becoming.  And I’m trying hard to enjoy and absorb every non-tantrum moment of it!!

Patrick has discovered his tongue….atleast a little bit.  We were playing on the floor last night.  I make funny faces and noises and he smiles at me.  It’s a really fun game.  Atleast for me.  And then he ever so slightly stuck his tongue out at me and tried to razz a bit.  So we started practicing.  I would do it and he would study me….loved every minute.  Razzing tickles my nose – but he thought it was fun.  I wonder if he will find as much pleasure and amusement in razzing as William did….!!!  OH!  And he has giggled a little - and it is THE most adorable sound.  Now Sam and I spend all evening trying to get him to do it - I'm sure that is the most amusig part of the whole thing! haha!

We are still co-sleeping – made it through the week.  And he only woke up twice on Tuesday night – at 11:15 & 2:30.  (Unfortunately, the rest of the week he took long naps at school and was up most of the wee hours the rest of the week...Thank goodness Sam lets me sleep in on the weekend)So we are getting better and being in bed during those wake up times is hardly like waking up at all.  I’m loving it.  I did insist that I get to sleep in this weekend though since he had been up so much while he didn’t feel good (super congested …. Again poor baby.  We also think his gums hurt…).  That was amazing.  Never thought I would think that 7:30 was sleeping in – but it was glorious.  Bless my husband.

Family dinners are going really well.  I can usually manage to have it on the table by 6:15 at the latest and it’s nice to all be together.  William usually monopolizes the conversation, but I’m hoping that this is something we can keep up for the rest of their lives.  We always ate as a family at home when I was a kid…  Anyhow…. Most nights William comes to the table without a fuss and sometimes even enthusiastically.  He will eat just one more bite if we ask him to, but he doesn’t always try everything on his plate.  And that’s ok.  If prompted, he will even asked to be excused when he is all done.  OH – and for some strange reason – he has to do his “seat belt” on the booster seat – but he can buckle it himself and is very proud.

It is really amazing the amount of energy William has.  I took both boys to the park on Monday afternoon with a friend and her son, who is 18 months.  William ran circles around all of us.  I barely got to talk to her at all for trying to make sure I knew where he was and that he wasn’t going to throw himself off the equipment!  He did make a friend, who I think was a little older, and they played chase all over the park.  Patrick was fairly well behaved.  Slept for the first thirty minutes, sat in my arms, got hungry, sat some more.  Both Williams had a great time until the sun went down and we all had to go make dinner.  But he never slowed down not once for two hours.  We are going to have to put that kid in soccer just to give him a sport that moves at such a fast pace.  I don’t know that he will be able to be still enough for little league!!

William got a little person’s frosting set for Christmas and it has pictures of cupcakes on the front.  This, of course, turned into an obsession about making cupcakes.  And I, being the super awesome sucker of a mom, told him that we would go to the store later and get stuff to make cupcakes.  He immediately goes to find his shoes so we could go to the store.  We ended up going after the park at 5:40 – so dinner wasn’t ready until much later than usual  - but while everything was cooking – we did manage to get the cupcake batter made.  He had a great time.  His favorite part is the stirring.  He has been talking about stirring the eggs for two days now.  He was not as interested in eating the cupcakes though.  So we had 12 cupcakes that he just HAD to make that he now won’t eat…  Only William.   I might have had cupcakes for breakfast, which probably hurt my weigh-in for Biggest Loser at work… Oh well – there’s always next week.

 Patrick has discovered that he is coordinated enough to use his hands to grab and play with things, and it all ends up in his mouth.  Blankets, toys, mommy's fingers, everything.  Subsequently, he is developing a rash on his face if we aren't vigilant about keeping aquaphor on him.  William got a crazy bad rash when he was teething, so we are hoping to avoid it this time.  we will see.  I think it's cute to see the weheels turn as he figures out how to play with his toys.  He had a big time knocking over his zebra.  It's the little things...


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