Saturday, January 7, 2012

You Ok? You Ok? You Ok?

Now that we are finally done documenting every holiday, let me see if I can remember all the “normal” things that our adorable children have been up to.  I’m not making any promises that this will be complete, but hopefully I will get close.

William’s most said phrase the past two weeks or so is “You OK?” You Ok Mommy, You Ok, You Ok, You OK Daddy?, You Ok, You OK?  No joke.  The kid says it in response to almost everything.  Every oops, every mumble, every oof, every ouch, every fall, every everything.  If you ask him if he is ok – he says No.

We have moved his (William’s) bedtime back to 7:30.  All previous times that we have tried have resulted in him waking up even earlier or he will be absolutely foul leading up to the later time.  This time around has produced sleeping until 6:00am!!!!  We are excited!!  And he is just as sweet (and strong-willed) in the evening.  Now, if only Patrick would sleep until 6, we wouldn’t be able to contain ourselves.  He is usually up for the day by 5:30.  Which isn’t terrible….

Patrick is getting really strong.  When he kicks, he can actually move himself.  This was discovered while I was changing his diaper.  I went to go get his clothes and I come back and his head is off the pad.  The child had propelled himself backwards!!   He’s still not rolling over yet but we are going to have to start watching him.  And the big kids in his class must have him convinced that he can crawl, but last night during tummy time he was trying to scoot around.  

William can carry on a conversation on the phone now.  Which might be the most fun ever.  He spent the week after Christmas in Cleveland with my parents, and we talked every day, and it was so fun to hear him tell us what he did.  Usually it was about CARS and cows and horses.  And he now says “I LOVE you”.  When he’s not being ‘strong-willed’, he is absolutely adorable and loving.

William is obsessed with the train table that Sam built.  And it really is super cool.  Between Sam and Grandaddy K – he got all the “extras” – and now he is in train heaven.  He plays with it almost exclusively right now.  Nothing else exists.  Which is saying something – because he has a lot of REALLY cool toys, but he’s obsessed with trains right now.  It’s funny, he has decided that on top of the round house is the “Chug Wash” (“car wash” for trains on Chuggington) and the trains go there.  It’s so funny to hear and watch his imagination.  Apple slices have also been trains at dinner.

Both boys are eating really well.  William has eaten everything we have put in front of him.  Well, atleast a couple bites of all it anyhow.  Which is a huge improvement.  He still loves fruit and hotdogs the best, but has branched out to chicken (cooked several different ways) and even some vegetables every once in awhile.  Patrick has always been a pretty good eater, but it appears that my milk supply is up this week (pumping at work), so he must be having some serious conversations while he is nursing telling the boobs what to do.  Fine with me.  My number one fear is that I lose the milk.

I think potty training is eminent.  William tells us when he has gone ‘poo’ about 85% of the time – and it means wet or dirty….  He is still not wild about sitting on the potty though.  Though – did I mention this already? – he did poo on the potty at school a couple weeks ago… I bet I did write that before.  Oh well.  Are all kids reluctant to sit on the potty or is that a requirement before we even give it an honest go?   Any advice?  How do I know when he is REALLY ready?  Or should I just wait until he says he wants to use the potty….?  That was our original plan, but I’m a little tired of making sure we have size 5 AND size 2 diapers.  It would be so much easier if it was just one.  Except that then he would have to go at really inopportune times.  Maybe I don’t mind diapers as much as I thought I did.

Sam and I are currently in discussions about when to begin giving Patrick solids.  I want to wait until 6 months, period.  Sam wants to start now with cereal/oatmeal.  I’m not sure there is a right decision.  The pediatrician said he could start now or we could wait – either was fine.  The American Academy of Pediatrics says for babies to be exclusively breastfed until six months.  William was started sometime after four months, but he was terrible at it.  Made for cute messy pictures, but not a lot of food was swallowed.  And once again, starting solids affects how many calories Patrick eats from me, so my supply will inevitably decrease…. We will see.  Discussions are still in progress.

Oh!  Patrick is starting to screech a little.  It’s not quite a squeal – but it is high pitched and it is because he is happy.  I think it’s adorable.  William asks if “Tatrick is ok?”

We have lost all but two pacis.  I don’t know where they go.  But I’m fairly certain that they have all been ‘lost’ inside our house (versus in Target) which boggles my mind.  I have a feeling that in two years we will still be finding them in super random spots.  Maybe we should just move every single piece of furniture in the house.  I bet we still wouldn’t find them all.  Frustrating and ridiculously funny all at the same time.


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