Friday, February 3, 2012

Patrick By Numbers : 5

*Is still surviving on breast milk alone.  

*Eats every 3ish hours during the day and every 2 hours at night.  I am slowly going crazy due to lack of sleep.

*Loves to smile.  But, really, who doesn't?!

*His tummy, neck, bottoms of his feet and underarms are ticklish.  Nothing more awesome than hearing him laugh.

*He watches every move his brother makes.  Studying him intensely.

*He has become very alert in the past month.  You can tell that he is taking in the world around him and actually starting to see it all.

*He loves to be in the walker and over the past month has been able to go from just throwing himself against the back of it to make it move to using his legs to propel it.  He usually sits in it during dinner, because that’s where he’s happiest, and we looked over and he wasn’t there!  He had moved himself from the dining room to the doorway to our bedroom!

*My best guess – he weighs about 17lbs.  

*Still rocking 3-6 month clothes, though I have a feeling we will making the move upwards soon.

*No matter where he is put down on the bed, he will manage to scoot himself (swaddled!) to sleep RIGHT next to me.  No wonder my back is killing me – I am sleeping within six inches.  I am not six inches thin!! Haha!!

*I'm not sure for how long, but he decided that he could roll over sometime in the past month.  He just only wanted to pull out his tricks at school and not at home.  I will pretend that my feelings aren't hurt.  I did see him roll over tonight with my own took a lot of prodding though.  And, there is no clapping before he's all the way over or he will get distracted and stop the motion.

*Actively plays with his toys.  Usually, they just end up in his mouth, but he grabs for them and handles them and it’s so much fun to watch.  He especially likes the crinkly elephant.

*No teeth but if the amount of drool and wetness is any indication he is very much teething.

*Enjoys bathtime.  Even more when it coincides with William’s bathtime.

*Has discovered his thumbs and enjoys sucking on them.  Alert the media - we have a thumb sucker.  It's kinda helpful when we can't find any of the eight pacis we own...

*Is still our super chill sweet baby.  Very relaxed and happy to be held by anyone.  He’s perfectly content just to sit with you.

*Watches cartoons with William and I swear he’s actually watching.  Not sure which is his favorite yet.

*Gives open mouth kisses.  Or maybe he’s just trying to gnaw on my face.  I like kisses better.

*He has found his feet and is kinda obsessed with grabbing them and trying to put his toes in his mouth.  

*We have discovered that he spits up significantly more when he is congested.  Unfortunately for our water bill, he is pretty much always congested.

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