Thursday, February 9, 2012


William's teacher, Ms Phyllis, has been teaching William a new phrase :  "I don't have the capacity"   Like, "William - can you please use your walking feet?"  "I don't have the capacity"  Absolutely hilarious. And perfectly adorable.  Especially since he says "I don have de pacity"  I am seriously going to mourn the loss of Ms Phyllis when we move up in August.  It will be a very sad day.

I can't believe that I totally forgot to mention his trip to the train show.  Sam's sister, Laura and her boyfriend Kurt, up and decided to spend a Saturday taking William to a train show in Atlanta several weeks ago.  I'm pretty sure Kurt digs trains and William is most definitely a fan - so off they went.  I have to be honest, I was a little caught off guard by how nervous I was going to be letting William go 2+ hours away with non-grandparents, but it was fine.  And apparently he behaved very nicely.  All he talked about every time he got in a car for the next week was "go to train show?"  No baby.  "go to church"  Not until Sunday baby.  What a funny kid.

Patrick is completely enthralled and entertained by his feet.  He came home in different socks yesterday and I couldn't figure out for the life me how that happened, but the rest of his clothese were the same.  Turns out,
 he was putting his socks in his mouth.  It's so fun to watch him vigorously kick his legs and throw them up towards his face to grab them.  I wish I was amused by the little things.  I guess, to a point I am, but I don't like my feet that much and I'm certainly not putting them in my mouth.  Anymore... haha!!

The newest most awesome development in William's language is : "I need to take a nap."  He also tells us occasionally when he needs to go to bed.  It is the sweetest thing.  He's such an awesome kid.  No, seriously.  We went to the park on Thursday afternoon (for some reason I just couldn't handle going straight home - it seemed so boring and ugh...) and he was running around with Hilbert on his shoulders.  Showing him the big stump and the sticks on the ground.  Patrick was asleep in my arms and I just leaned up against Sam... "we are so lucky.  we have the coolest kids"  I mean really...yes, they are frustrating and wonderfully irritating when they want to be - but the moments where we just have to thank god for sending them to us are much more often and special.  I guess that's why people continue to have kids even after seeing what the twos (and then threes and then teens) bring us.

I have been sick since Tuesday night.  A fricking sinus infection.  Which I actually just found out is contagious - who knew?!  It's been great.  Of course I would have meetings on Wednesday and Thursday that I couldn't miss, so I muscled through.  My doctor gave me a ZPack - so that has helped a little, but I'm still snotty and feel generally run down.  And I still had to get up all night and feed Patrick, because I feel too guilty to bring my pump home and let Sam feed him.  (also, still terrified about the milk supply.. I will probably never get over that one)  After staying home today (Friday) and getting 4.5 hour nap in, I might consider letting Sam take tonight.  I don't feel any better after sleeping that long, but it was nice to get it all in a row.  Though, the past two nights Patrick has settled down and has only woken up 3 times to eat instead of the usual 4-5.  That equals just over 2 hours in a row instead of 1.5-2.  Good thing I love him lots... ha!  *I have since gotten better from whenever I started working on this post.... and I never did let Sam take a night...

Patrick is starting to sit up in small spurts.  And only if we put him the right position, but you can tell he's actively working on getting stronger.  Lord - he's going to be walking before we know and then our baby will be gone... Ok.  I'm not going to get ahead of myself. Enter Cliche of the Day:  He's growing so fast though!!!


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