Monday, February 20, 2012

Baptism 2012

Two Sundays ago our sweet little boy was baptized.  We had lots of family (Daddy & Sara, Meredith - his godmother!, Kalin & Lainey, Kat, Ellene, Laura & Kurt, Laura & Charlie, Dean & Sandy) come in town and it was so good to get to spend time with them.  And even a very special couple, who just had a baby, made it out and left their little boy in the nursery for the first time ever.  We are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.

 Patrick wore the same christening gown as William and he behaved perfectly through the whole service.  I didn’t see it, but I was told by everyone there that right after he was doused with water, he looked up and smiled to the whole congregation.  I’m praying that it was caught on the video.  He is such a ham.

My most favorite part is when the entire church sings “Jesus Loves Me” as the pastor walks the baby up and down the aisle for the church to see him.  Apparently, he also flirted with everyone then as well.  He is developing the cutest personality.  Always happy, always smiling, always babbling.  

My in-laws had everyone to the house after church for HAM!!!, and other yumminess.  It was fun to watch everyone play with William and Patrick smile and laugh at everyone’s antics.  Nothing better than family.  I have the best.  By far.  


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