Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There's always tomorrow...

Sam left for Canada at 4:15 am Sunday morning.  So, yes, contrary to what I have previously declared, several times, I have “allowed” him to travel.  Haha!  This trip started out only being 2 days, 1 night – but quickly grew to 4 days 3 nights.  That’s ok.  I was still fairly confident that I could easily handle two kids alone.  Especially when B&B agreed to let William spend the night Saturday and most of the day Sunday at their house.  

Sunday was wonderful.  Patrick and I had the best time.  Of course, the day started off in the wee hours like it always does, but he was so happy and full of joy.  We played in bed for a long time, ran to Wal-Mart for some grocery shopping – we have an absolute NEED for ketchup in this house, and then ate, slept, cuddled, and played the rest of the afternoon.  It was wonderful.  He even got to sit in the cart for the first time.  I added some cushioning on the sides to ensure that he wouldn’t plop over, but he did great and loved having a view.  William came home after nap and he immediately asked to watch Chuggington and I complied because I still needed to cook dinner (and make ORANGE cookies at William's request).  Baths were taken, clothes for picture day were laid out, bottles washed, everyone goes to bed.  Easy peasy.

Even Monday morning seemed to go well.  Despite Patrick waking up literally every hour to eat from 11:30pm on – we were all clean, dressed, and ready to go by 7:13am.  A feat that we don’t always accomplish when Sam IS home.  Get William to his room – he is in a great mood – and off Patrick and I go.  Uhoh – one of his bottles has leaked and was dripping through his bag EVERYWHERE.  4.5 ounces of breast milk GONE.  Awesome.  So I clean that up, take Patrick to his room, and promise to pump some more and bring it at lunch for his third bottle.  Goodness.  Nevermind that this would put me behind in what I need to produce for the next day and would need to bring the pump home to make up for it….  I could just use frozen milk – but that seemed silly at the moment.  Who knows why.  Probably because I like being able to say that I have 250 ounces frozen.  (Though – I only get to say that for another day or so because I’m donating another 100 to a local momma…) Anyhow.  I reward myself with a Diet Dr Pepper because spilling breast milk is not a happy affair.

Monday evening went even better.  William, Patrick and I played and ate dinner and played some more.  I fed Patrick and he went to bed.  I did more dishes, a little laundry, talked to Sam, and I went to bed.  Patrick skipped the 12:30 and 2:30 feeds, so I got a tiny bit more sleep.  Again we are out the door at 7:11am.  We are on a roll.  Uhoh.  William throws a humongous tantrum as soon as we get in the door of school.  Finally he gets to his room and he clings to my leg while I’m holding Patrick and trying to fill out his sheet.  His wonderful teacher Ms Phyllis takes Patrick from me so I can handle the sheet and the screaming toddler and what….?!!!!  Patrick has had a poop explosion.  Awesome.  All the way up his back and even his socks have poop on them.  Ms. Phyllis is my hero and cleans Patrick up while I try and calm William down who has moved to the other side of the room and is now crying for Mommy.  Really?!  Patrick and I finally just have to leave William throwing a fit and bawling and it breaks my heart.  Did I mention Patrick is butt naked?!  Haha – cute baby tush.  

Patrick and I make it over to his room.  I change my shoes and get him to the changing table.  I pull out a diaper, open it, turn back to him and he’s got a massive stream of pee in the air.  And he just keeps going.  It’s all over him, the changing pad, the countertop.  And then he starts basically bouncing in it.  Great.  Of course he would.  But he’s so happy about it – it’s really hysterical at this point.  Yet another wipe bath ensues.   I finally get to leave the daycare at 7:50.  I reward myself with a larger Diet Coke.

I certainly hope I can make it through tomorrow morning.  I’m a little scared of what the world might throw at me.  But, I think I might reward myself with a cappucino if it all goes to pot.  THAT might be worth it....hmmm.... Bring it on Wednesday!!!!!


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