Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A very nice weekend.

It's been documented several times that William has an endless and active imagination.  Well, this weekend we got our first imaginary friend - Dino.  He's very silly and likes to run off, so we have to search all over and find him in funny places.  I think it's the cutest thing ever.  I also think that the guy in the Wal Mart parking lot thought we were crazy for loudly calling "Dino Dino Where are you?!"  (note - he might not be totally imaginary - I think Dino might be from an episode of Caillou...)

We spent nearly all day Saturday playing with long lost (well, temporarily relocated) friends.  We went to Cooper Creek to take turns riding bikes, tormenting feeding the geese and baby ducks, and having a ball.  The boys had a BLAST!!!  They're only six weeks apart in birthdays and oh so cute together.  It was fun to hear their conversations and see how well they get along, atleast when they are well rested and not hungry... ha!!  To our surprise, they were really great at taking turns and sharing most things.  How'd we get so lucky with such wonderful boys?!

Patrick has unbelievably sensitive skin, so when he got a rash all over his body, we didn't think too much of it.  Definitely called my doctor sister though (so nice having a doctor as a sibling) and she said most rashes all over the body in kids were viruses, but not to be too worried unless he had a high fever.  He did not.  The rash started to look better the next day, no fever, no worrying.  We thought maybe his whole body decided to reject his teeth - William always got a really bad rash on his face during teething...  Then it got worse on Saturday, especially after playing outside for a couple hours (turns out that of course heat makes a rash look worse because of blood..something...I need a doctor to really explain).  Freaked Sam out for sure.  Still not too worried.  UNTIL I look at William and he has little red bumps on his head and arms and chest.  Oh lord.  But, still neither has a fever.  We made the executive decision though that we didn't want to be the parents who let our kids die of flesh eating rash because they didn't have a fever to prompt us to visit Pediatric Acute Care.  $55 later we find out that it is a virus, not to be worried unless they have a fever, it will run it's course in about a week, and it is called roseola.  Noted.

The word of the week has been "favorite".  William has a favorite everything.  Favorite blanket, favorite drink, favorite animal, favorite towel, favorite parent, the list goes on.  I find it adorable.  You probably don't know this, why would you..., but "You are my favorite" is something Sam and I have said to each other nearly daily for most of the 9+ years we've been together.  So I think it is beyond sweet that he might be picking up on it.  Or he just has a lot of things he prefers and it's not sweet at all.  I don't know about you, but I hope it's not the latter... haha!!  Plus, I like it when he says I am his favorite ;)  Though, he also says "that is NOT my favorite" a good bit of the time though as well... moving on...

It really was a super full weekend of kiddo playing.  Nearly all of Saturday was spent with Henry, Sunday morning we went swimming with Henry again, and then Sunday after nap we went to Callaway with little Will and baby Jules.  It was absolute perfection.  And I realized on the way home, that I hadn't stressed one time about cleaning the house or what I was 'supposed' to be doing.  I was all caught up the whole time in playing with all the kids that the thought "I can't because I'm supposed to be...." never happened once.  And honestly, it has about the same effect as going to the beach.  Just relaxing and nice.  Breathing is easier kind of feeling.  It was a BUSY weekend, but I feel so good about it all and not overwhelmed or anything.  Now, granted, the floors are still dirty and there are a billion loads of laundry to be done... but atleast we had a fun weekend instead of one filled with normalness.  It's nice to have these kind of productive, non-productive weekends.

The countdown to Patrick's birthday has officially begun.  T-minus 6 days.  Poor second baby.  I have almost nothing ready for the party either.  I think I am going to reuse the table cloth (IF I can find it in the attic) I made for William's first birthday, his party outfit, "1" tshirt....  I WILL make a new cake .. haha!!  But terrible is all that?!  It's his FIRST BIRTHDAY and I'm nearly acting like it's just another day.  Patrick - I promise your second birthday party will be amazing.  It will be your turn for a "friends party" and it will be the coolest thing any 2 year old has ever seen.  I have managed not to let the mini person have a single bite of cake or any real treat this whole year, so hopefully he will be REALLY excited to eat/smash/enjoy his personal cake and we'll get good pictures of the whole thing.  I love a good icing nose picture :)

That's Henry's dog Ava and William is in love.  She is so sweet, perfectly sized, totally well-behaved, and everything our dogs are not.  (which, admittedly, is probably our fault)  He was sad when she had to leave the house - he wanted her to stay with him all day/night/forever, and he woke up Sunday asking where she was... sweet boy.

Random points of interest from the past couple days - William corrects me when I start to sing him Jesus Loves Me, telling me that it's not my favorite - Twinkle Little Star is my favorite.  He won't stop telling me this until I switch songs.  We have seriously conditioned the kid.  Patrick walked out of his room today and then turned around to wave bye to Ms Shay - one of the most adorable things ever.  We just spent nearly an hour and a half trying to get Patrick to sleep.  I don't know why this surprises me anymore.  Success - he went to sleep in the crib without being walked and without being left to cry.  He did cry a little in protest, but I was there the whole time to reassure him.  Maybe we will give sleep training another try, but I think I'm in charge this time.  I have the patience for it.  Tonight anyhow.  haha!!  We will not be bringing William's preschool teachers surprise donuts - I think they are inventing policies so they don't have to deal with certain situations.  Truthfully, maybe it is a policy that he can't have a donut when no one else in the class (2 girls that he doesn't even know and are very focused on playing at a different table) has food, but now I miss Ms Phyllis that much more.  Cue Real Tears.  I may never get over this.


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