Friday, February 6, 2009

My baby looks like a baby!

Well - this picture really doesn't do the newest Rumer justice - but he really looks like an actual human now - it's so cool.  (the baby is waving at us!!)  We went for the ultrasound today, so they could measure the back of the neck for Downs Syndrome, and the baby had a big time.  Thought there was a trampoline in there - bouncing up and down and turning around all the cool!  (and kind of bizarre - still trying to understand that there is a person inside me - but that weirds me out too...)  Anyhow- it appears we already have a very stubborn baby because the ultrasound lady couldn't get the right picture of the neck due to the dancing around - so she switched ultrasound methods - and then the baby practically went on a nap for 5 minutes.  This whole time, probably 15-20 minutes, she is practically beating my belly trying to stimulate the baby to turn the right way.  OMG!!  I actually hurt when I got home!  Not cool....

Anyway - finally got the right pictures and the doctor said everything looks good...Pretty quick appointment actually.  Have to wait 4 weeks to go to the doctor  

I have decided that I love my doctor though.  I did not receive a lecture on weight gain and, basically, I now heart her to death.  I think I chose doctors based on who lectures and who doesn't.  I prefer the doesn't category...haha!!  All I'm going to say - is I have gained more than I meant to - but y'know - I've been on a serious diet/workout regimen for 2 years and had to stop very suddenly.  Obviously - not so cool for me.   Oh well.  She doesn't seem worried - so I am going to come to terms with it and just keep walking 4 miles with Sam every evening.

And I have a love affair with blueberry bagels (normal) and grape soda (has resurfaced after 16 years).

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