Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This week's blog installment - definitely not life changing - but maybe interesting..

Not a whole lot new has happened in a week... I am now 15 weeks pregnant and have decided that I am more pudgy than pregnant - boo.  Wonder when my cute belly is supposed to come in - I'm ready!  I don't want to go buy cute pregnant clothes until I have a belly - but at some point I am going to have to stop wearing yoga pants and t-shirts... Sam has started referring to it as my uniform - oops - I think that means I should probably step up my fashion kinda soon. I'm also waiting for it to get warm.  No point in buying anything for the current cold snap, since it will be disgustingly hot for most of my pregnancy.  I'm ready for sundresses and wedges!!

I'm still stupidly tired.  Sam is also making fun of me for going to bed at 8:30 at the latest - but I still can't kick myself out of bed in the morning - so I know I'm not getting too much sleep.  Also doesn't help that the hormones are making me have stuffy snot head...  Yep - got an email about that from What to - and the hormones are doing it too me.  Not cool!  And I lost the piece of paper that tells me what medicine I can take - actually - it's just temporarily misplaced and I've been too busy sleeping to go find it... ;)

But I really shouldn't whine and complain - I think I'm getting off pretty easy compared to other people's pregnancies.  I usually feel pretty good - it would be nice for a lot of the stress to go away (Someone please buy my beautiful house..!) - but other than that life is good.

Oh!  I know what we did - we couldn't stand it anymore and went and registered at Babies R Us.  We just got the big things out of the way - chose mostly baby neutral stuff - so it won't have to be replaced with the second child if they are different genders... Aren't we responsible?!  I'm sure I'm going to regret that intelligent decision if it's a girl and want pink everywhere but I'm trying to convince myself to stay strong and remind myself that I LOVE the green/brown/cream nursery decor with bunnies.  (which I do - but pink is so cute in general...)  So yeah - we are waiting to hit up the Target registry until we know the sex.  It would've been much more fun in general if we knew whether it was a boy/girl in the first place - but it was a good time.  I just poked out my belly to make look bigger and tried not to stare at all the cute humongo bellies around us.. haha!

And - has anyone else noticed - the moment you get pregnant all conversations are about babies?  It's not that I mind talking about being pregnant, don't get me wrong - it's fun, but there's only so much I have to say or care to talk about...  I don't need forever conversations all day about whether or not I'm going to nurse or use formula.  (which for everyone who's wondering - hopefully nursing will take because in the current situation - formula is just EXPENSIVE!!)  I'm just kinda over it.  Happy to talk about it - but not for marathon conversations - I guess I don't find it that interesting...who knows? 

Cute dad of the week: Sam has made a baby spreadsheet detailing the year's cost of diapers, wipes, etc.  He's so prepared - it's adorable.  (And obvious that he isn't going to bed at 8:30...haha!)  Love you babe!

How's that for random rambling about nothing...could've broken that up and done two days in a row - but then I probably would've forgotten half of it and no one would've been the wiser...but yeah.  

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