Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This whole pregnant thing isn't so bad...

So - today I am 14 weeks pregnant and I think I'm actually starting to look pregnant instead of just pudgy - which is kinda nice.  And, knock on wood, I'm still feeling pretty good.  A little tired occasionally, but that's ok...

Definitely decided to have a snack before dinner of peanut butter bread, snack size doritos and three bites of cheese cake - and it ended up being my dinner.  I'm SO not hungry anymore, which is disappointing, Sam was going to make jumbalaya.. Oh well-guess there's always tomorrow night.

Valentine's Day was wonderfully low key.  We were headed out for breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and I found two cards and a box of Kisses in the kitchen - nice surprise.  I thought Sam had totally forgotten to get me a card.  I grab them on the way to the car - and open the one that says Meghan on the front, duh.  And Sam says "you have one more" and I said "no - that was says it's for your 'mom'" - to which he replied - "yeah - you silly (well basically he said something like that)"  My wonderful husband got me a Valentine's Day card from the baby - so cute!  He's a keeper!  I didn't get him a card from the baby but he did receive 3 classic Dr. Seuss books to read to the baby....so hopefully I didn't disappoint.  Rest of the day was pretty lazy, which I love.  Went for a walk in the park like everyday and then went to dinner at Sam's parents house for steaks - yum!  I think that should become our new tradition.  Totally beats pizza and champagne - though the past 4 Valentine Days have been lots of fun following that recipe! :)  But - seriously - who is going to say that take out pizza is better than a perfectly seasoned and cooked filet?!  

Ok - well that's pretty much everything interesting...  Until I can muster up something else to write on here - Have a great day!

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