Tuesday, March 17, 2009

18 weeks and counting

I think I'm very close to having a REAL preggers belly! Yay!!  Don't really know what else to say about that.  I'm still feeling good - which it's interesting to get questions about how I'm feeling since I'm well into the 2nd trimester and should be feeling great - which I am... I think some people expect me to still feel like poo - and like I've already mentioned - I definitely got the lucky side of the stick when it came to morning sickness...anyhow.

Went up to Cleveland this weeekend after picking Sam up at the airport (he went to Toronto for business for a couple days) and hung out with Mom, James, & Kalin on Saturday.  Played a card game that's kinda like scrabble but so much better...!  And mom gave us Mother's Day & Father's Day gifts since "she never sees us" and that was pretty surreal and cool.  I guess we're real live parents now - and that is just weird.  Sometime in the next six months we'll have to become crazy responsible now and figure out how to make all those big decisions without screwing up our kid....  Ahh!!!  Wish us luck!

Then Sunday we went up to the Biltmore House with Daddy & Sara.  That place is crazy cool.  It was so weird - because I had learned about it in my landscape architecture class - and then I as there.  I wish I had remembered more of what we learned - and that it had been a nicer (non-raining) day so we could've spent more time in the gardens - but the estate is insane.  Seriously - I think it's my new Disneyland.  (not that I ever really cared for Disneyland a whole lot - but if I did - this would replace it)  They got us the headsets so when we were walking around there was a little voice telling us the interesting parts of the house - and that was awesome - learned some really cool things.  Though - the house is so big - they really need an intermission when you finally get to the fourth floor before you do the floors all over again learning different things.  The house is so big - I needed a snack and a break...  :)  

The only thing was is that a lot of people brought their children to the Biltmore House and I understand wanting them to see the history/culture - but keep them under control please!  About 45 minutes after we got there - all the people showed up and it was awful.  Rude children everywhere - not minding anyone - and feeling wholly entitled to push around everything - it was not fun.  I just don't understand what their parents thought they were going to get out of the tour.  They don't care about history or the fact that to build something of this magnitude at the time is a major feat in and of itself...  AND they refused to even try to keep them quiet and respectful.  I realize this next statement will probably be something I will have to eat later in life - but my child(ren) will not behave that way in public.  Just saying.

So - besides that little rant - it was a really great weekend.  Fun with my parents, fun with Sam, and we got a kick ass magnet and apparently some delicious Merlot from the winery - I had grape juice...

OH! One more shout out - our First Anniversary gift from Dad & Sara was finally framed and hung this weekend - it's lovely. We hung it by the front door so we could look at it everyday, instead of the sunroom - where it looked GREAT - but we would never see it...  (Cala Lillies were the bouquet flowers at our wedding btw - so it's kinda impressive that my dad remembered and picked out the print - nevermind that he framed and matted it as well)  Thanks y'all!!!

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