Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm pretty lame apparently...

Ok - so I've been playing catch-up reading all my friends' blogs - and they're so interesting - and I have seriously nothing to report.  Probably because I don't already have children - I think that's why they're interesting and not me - but I'm feeling pretty lame.  The most exciting thing that's happened all week is that I found new maternity jeans.  I'm really excited - but I don't think it should actually qualify as "interesting."  I am going to be upset when I can't wear them anymore because they're cropped and fit lovely and I haven't been able to find normal cropped jeans that look half as good as these...just saying.  But I've got atleast 6 months with these - so that will have to do.  

Also - everyone on the What to Expect message boards - I have a lot of time on my hands these days... is finding out what sex their baby is.  Granted our situation is not very flush right now - but why pay a lot of money to find out something your doctor can tell you in 3-4 weeks.  It just seems silly.  Though it would be nice to have an answer when people ask - though I'm afraid that's just going make them ask more questions - and I'm not sure I want to deal with that...  Maybe I'll just tell them we're not finding out.  (I'm talking about strangers - don't get worried that I won't tell you Mom.)

OH!  It actually snowed in Columbus - I think it's a little more momentous than it snowing in Northeast Ga - sorry y'all.  I made a snowman by myself - Sam decided that since we couldn't find his gloves he was only there for documentation and moral support.  I don't remember snow balls being so heavy though...must've blocked that out.

And - can someone please tell me how to get pictures in places other than the top?  This is irritating...

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