Monday, March 30, 2009

Nothing to report but I'm here anyway

So yeah - as the title implies - there's nothing going on - but I feel obliged to write something here anyway.  

Small rant - I'm disappointed in the lack of preg-belly going on right now.  I saw a picture of a friend of a friend who has the cutest belly at 17 weeks!!  I'm 20 tomorrow - where's mine?  I thought it was supposed to be here by now.  And I dare anyone to tell me - just wait til 30something weeks, you'll take it back - just saying! ;)

Um - going to the doc Wednesday for an ultrasound - I think we get a DVD of interesting things going on - so hopefully that will be interesting enough for the blog...

Changing table should be in this week I think! (Thank you Chris & Dan!)  Sam has already threatened me if I decide to put it together before he gets home - that's HIS job - haha!  Gotta love him!

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