Friday, May 22, 2009

Seriously - 1 WEEK?!!!

So - it just hit me right now - as I'm sitting at the computer doing the normal morning computer things - email, facebook, banking, planning out the June budget - that holy moly - we're moving in a week!!!  The problem with that being that it's been just me packing and I'm doing ok with it - the house by no means looks packed up!!  The dining room is full of boxes, don't get me wrong, but there is still STUFF everywhere!  Stuff that needs to go to Hadley's house, stuff that needs to go to Bill & Becky's house, stuff that needs to be THROWN AWAY!!  Problem is - I can't move half of this stuff - so it's just sitting - making faces at me and making me feel not so good about vacating completely in 7 days..! aahhh!!!

This is the office - doesn't look very bare at all does it?!  Problem with that it is: the people buying the house have had 15 days of due dilligence - but have, as usual, been dragging their feet.  They have yet to get back to us with what they want from the inspection - so  I can't pack up Sam's tools until they tell us.  It's so frustrating!!  They have 1.5 days to get something to us and then it's too late - hahaha (evil satisfied cackle).  Not to mention all those boxes are half full waiting for me to find something appropriate to go in them.  I think they are going to end up being RANDOM boxes, which we were trying to avoid, but it's just to hard to make the most of the box space and keep like things together...

Yeah - so basically - I decided to put it on the blog how much I need to get cracking instead of actually making a box and filling it with STUFF.  Brilliant, right?!

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