Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Third Trimester What What!!

I have made it!  89 days until I am going to tell the doctor that the baby has to come out.  I am not going past my due date. period.  Not that being pregnant has been that hard on me - but my belly is in the way and I'm just ready to see the kid that's inside of me.  So that's my position on the whole matter.  There you have it.

And while I think I might actually look pregnant now - I still don't have the perfect round belly and my belly button is still normal.  Sam thinks I'm silly about wanting an inside out belly button...but yeah, whatever.  OH! and we register with the hospital today - so it's official - we're having a baby.  haha!

Packing up the house is coming very slowly.  I get on a roll - but that usually means I'm working too hard and then I have to sit down and take a break - so that ends my rolling...  Kind of a mean cycle actually.  Plus it doesn't help that actually moving the boxes to the dining room staging area means I have to go up and down the stairs a zillion times.  Not cool.  Why did I ever want a two story house?! haha (because it's beautiful & perfect)  But I am so excited to move to our new MUCH smaller house!  Did I mention the 20 minute emergency clean?!!  

So yeah - we're going with a different moving company this time recommended by a friend of a friend (our moving company who rocked upped their prices AGAIN! and that just irritates me especially since the cost of gas has gone DOWN!!).  And for some reason the new company sends someone out to our house prior to moving.  I don't understand why - I could tell them about our stuff just as easily - but atleast they're coming after 5 - so Sam will be home to deal with them.  I have very little patience with people these days.  Just ask Sam when he's driving... haha! (love you babe!)

OK - so back to packing - yay!!  If the house wasn't such a disaster I would think I've made some progress...


Brandi said...

My belly button never really poked out either, and it bugged Joe for some reason. He kept checking it.

Abby said...

My belly button only popped out halfway. I can't remember exactly how it went, but it was out on the northeast hemisphere and in on the rest of it or something like that. It looked just downright sad for the first couple months after having the baby. So many joys!


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