Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Well - rather "live" - but that's not quite as interesting a title...  Just launched my website for my new business Rumer & Company today.  I think it looks quite smart if I do say so myself but I'm a little biased I'll admit.  Go check it out!!  And then tell all your friends to tell all their friends!!  I only have a limited number of days to get things done - so the sooner the better.  I still haven't figured out what I'm going to do if I get really successful really quickly and then this baby pops out ... cross that when it gets here (in under 100 days!!!ahhh!!)

Thanks to all you peeps who told me I could do this!!

OH! and I do have Mother's Day things to share - but I'm waiting to be emailed the pictures from the day...just fyi.  :)


Entertain Exchange said...

Your site looks great. It looks like you web designer did a nice job. I just met with a new designer repair my site The site has never worked right and the design has never been great. It is nice to see you got it right the first time.

Good Luck,

Meghan said...

Thank you! It's actually from a company - a friend turned me on to them. Totally worth it!!

OH! And I LOVE the pebble projects - everyone I know might get some if I ever find the time!!



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