Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

Ok ok - so it's more than a week late - but I just got the pictures from my in-laws - so that's my excuse.

It's kind of nice getting to add another holiday!  Definitely fun to feel special on a day besides your birthday - and I plan to get very used to it!  

Day started with Sam waking me up saying the Mother's Day fairy had come - so I found flip flops and went downstairs.  My sweet husband had replaced my broken iron (and not incredibly pretty) 3 tier server with a gorgeous silver & crystal server that matches our crystal stemware.  So sweet of him - I was REALLY upset when I broke the other one - I actually use it a lot - and the store I bought it at had since closed down, etc etc.  So that was great.  And I got a very nice card - Sam always gets the best cards..gotta love him.

Then we went to early church with the family - then they went to Sunday school and we went home to chill for an hour.  There isn't a sunday school class for super cool 20 somethings - so we've been left out for awhile.  When William finally gets here we're thinking we can squeeze into the class that is really older than us but they have kids and since we'll be part of that club in a couple months they should let us in...haha  Anyhow.

Bill & Becky had arranged for all of us, us being Bill & Becky, Sam and I, Nana & Grandaddy, Laura, Tasha, Aunt Ellene & Abby, to have lunch at Green Island.  The banana pudding was pretty good - but as I'm pretty much a banana pudding snob now and there's still nothing better than Lewis Jones' pudding, just saying.  It was fun - good times.  Becky had gotten me a really nice Mother's Day basket filled with cute things for the baby (picture frame with frog - matching frog plate that said something really sweet - baby blanket that says that quote that was in Peter Pan about fairies and laughter - so cute!) and nice smelling girlie stuff for me!  Plus the basket it awesome!  I LOVE baskets!!!

I can't remember what we did after lunch - probably took it easy - I have no idea.  Can't remember at all.  

So - yeah.  It was a good day.  I like being a mom so far! haha :) ...except my face has gotten so round  not fair - it better go back to normal soon! ;)

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Brandi said...

My face got huge when I was pregnant with Raegan, it went back to normal. For some reason it didn't get as big this last time though. Happy belated Mother's day!!


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