Friday, May 8, 2009


I was honestly starting to believe that we would never be able to say those words - but lo and behold - our neighbors, of all people, bought the house.  So now we just have to make it through 15 grueling days of due dilligence, hope they don't walk away, and make it to closing on June 4.  Thank goodness!!  I'm so relieved.  I will spare y'all the details of how we negotiated the contract - just believe me that it was not fun - but it is over with now.  They really should make a rule that pregnant women should not EVER be involved with selling a house.  It's just not a good idea...

Anyhow - so our realtor, Renee, is dropping off our offer on the new much smaller house this morning.  We'll see how this negotiation goes.  I'm tired of negotiating.  I think buying a house should be like Carmax - sticker price is how much you buy the car for.  (I actually stole that from Renee - but seriously - wouldn't life be easier?!)

You'd think I'd have more to say about this - I thought I'd be over the moon excited - I think I'm too emotionally drained to be excited anymore.  I'm sure Sam will have me busy weeding out and packing up this weekend - so I'll save my energy for that.  I am excited that we will finally be able to work on the nursery at the new house.  It's been awful having all these ideas and no way to implement them here...

On a completely different note - does anyone remember my obsession with finding a metal tree?  Well - we found one!!  We went to Pier 1 to price shop screen porch furniture for the new house and it was staring us in the face!  AND it was LESS that $100!!!  Awesome!!  It's perfect and will look great over the crib or changing table - we haven't really decided where it's going just yet - but yeah - I love it!

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Lindsey said...

Congrats on the sell!


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